The Investigation

Spies one day, normals the next. Two retired spies wander down the street and carry on their lives as normal individuals. People believed that these two were one of the mysterious figures. Especially when these two were a thirty-six year old man and a cat. After taking a walk that would stretch their young bodies out, when they felt the air stop. Both of them couldn't move and felt a ray that came out from the sky. They both couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a high tech plane above them. Four seconds later, they were transported into a chamber where a white ghostly figure were on the control panel. It took a sharp jerk which turned it's whole body around and with a huge face of gratitude it sputtered, “Hi.”

Both of them could barely understand what it said because it probably doesn’t know how to speak english. “Jack and Tiger,” announced the figure but it’s mouth wasn’t moving.

“How do you know our names?” questioned Jack, the man.

“I know everything. I can do almost anything. This one time I need your help.”

“Ok, but why us. Do you need us for something? How can we trust you?”

“I come from a planet, Zaron. There has been an evil life form that decided to conquer your own planet. We figured since you both were spies you can do a little investigation for me.

“Sure, we accept your investigation.”

“Good, What I need you both to do is go undercover and underground to find a life form that looks like me but is red and black. Its name is Zagon. ”

“This Zagon guy, where is he located?”

“He’s located underground right below us actually. I’m transporting you now.”

Jack and Tiger both again feel the ray go right through them and teleporting them in a hot underground cave. Jack started sweating after the temperature changes drastically as their ride descended downwards. Everything suddenly become quiet, before there were quiet murmurs of somethings talking. ROAR! As the ground begins to shake, they start running toward behinds them then rocks soon covered the only exit. All they could do is go towards the noise. As they creeped forward, the saw a whole gang of green lifelike creatures spinning a giant machine. It had drills for hands and rollers for legs, also a big hole on the back of it. They didn’t know what it did. Every time the hunk of metal would spin one round, it would make a huge roar. Above it was an indicator of how charged it was and it was at seventy percent. Into a bear crawl position, when they searched they say a white house with a red line through it. “Their plan is to take over the government!” thought Jack. Lurking around the cave, they saw a huge black and red creature, Zagon controlling the power generator. It began to laugh. He began laughing louder while staying at the generator until it reached a hundred percent.

After a couple minutes of crawling, they see another opening. Rushing frantically to see what it was in, they soon saw a creatures in them. It had huge eyes with red in the middle where it followed up with a humongous mouth with fangs coming out from the bottom of the jaws. Quickly they jumped up and hid behind two crates. Their hearts dropped when it passed them without noticing. In a rush, the opening was pitch black except for a sparkly blue material. It wasn’t diamond because of the details. The texture was really rough while a diamond’s is normally smooth. “What is this used for?” question Jack. It has something to do with the machine and they have to find out. It was quite small so Jack hid it in his pockets. Tiger had to find a way out without getting caught, He stumbled and saw ninety on the generator and released a loud shriek. Out of nowhere, Zagon appeared in front of it and grabbed Tiger who released another shriek for help. Jack heard it from a distance and shouted, “NO TIGER!” Zagon sensed and heard where Jack’s voiced echoed. Again in an instant Zagon was right in front of Jack. “Look what we have here,” chuckled Zaron as he snatched Jack.

The couldn’t speak as the creature carried them into the dungeon. They both were bored as they waited in the dungeon for 30 minutes. THUMP! THUMP! Outside, the machine that used to be a hunk of metal, transformed into a red, steel machine. Everything was on at full power, it began to drill through the ground. “We got to get out of this area now!” yelling frantically. “We’re about to fail the mission and the government is going to get taken down!” Tiger inspected the door for any malfunctions and there it was, a loose screw. Tiger used his sharp claws to unlock it and then they were free. Dashing out through the the tunnel to the surface in full speed. As they exited they heard many screams and at the corner of their eye they saw the machine drilling into the broken down whitehouse. The blue material was moving around in his pocket. He had an idea, it was to throw the material in the back of the machine. It was all or nothing, they grabbed a tree aimed and was about to fire. It had to be the most accurate shot, the world is depending on it. The shot was taken, bullseye! The machine and everything collapsed, it was like kryptonite to superman. Exhausted, they didn’t want to get into any trouble so they went back to their home. turned on the T.V. onto the news where an anchor announced, “Everyone is safe. We don’t know how this happened and what caused it to stop but whoever did it we thank you.” Shutting down the T.V., they live their lives as the ordinary people that saved the government.


Created with images by sbl0323 - "photography camera lens lens" • Steve Snodgrass - "Green Beam" • ♡ dare to share beauty - "Cosmic Kitten" • Anosmia - "underground Lviv" • cygig - "diamond gem cubic zirconia" • Freeimages9 - "target goal aiming"

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