Jane Addams Kaitlin Wendt

She had a 39 page FBI file. It shows where the government was at the time to make a file about someone fighting for peace

Since she disagreed with the government and fought for what she believed in, they thought she was a radical and a traitor.

With the women's march and the protests around what people are disagreeing with, its important to remember those in the past who also fought

When everyone thinks of her they just think about her work with the hull house and forget that she went farther than just helping people there, she also fought for who she helped.

She was one of the earliest social workers and had an amazing house for anyone who needed help, Hull House. They helped over 2,000 people every week. It was a 13 building complex

Jane Addams and Emily Green Balch nobel prize winners for working for peace

In the 20s the FBI director had classified her as the most dangerous woman in America, and from just her brief bio, she really does not seem like she was dangerous at all. She was apparently a very dangerous pacifist


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