My Story By Drew Kessenich

My brother and my dad were going to go on the boat. It was something that they liked to do. My dad said “ 5 minutes till we go”. I was riding my bike up and down the driveway when I heard him say that. I’ve only been on our boat once and it was pretty fun so I wanted to go again. I went up to my dad and asked him if I could go again. He said “ya if you want to, Just go find your swimsuit. “okay” I said, I was really excited to go on the boat. I also knew where my swimsuit was, even though I usually always lose it. My swimsuit was on my dresser in my room, I picked it up and ran outside.

My dad was about to get in the car and take it down to the boat launch. My brother was in the boat looking to see if we had life jackets, I usually used one but my brother and my dad didn’t. We got in the car and started driving down the street to the boat launch.

Me and my brother got out of the car as my dad backed into the water. He backed into the water and me and my brother unhooked the boat from the trailer and my dad drove away to park the car. He parked the car and came back to the boat and we started going. About one minute later we were in the middle of the lake, that’s where my brother and my dad usually liked to jump in.

We stopped the boat, and immediately my brother jumped off the boat and dove in the water. My dad stood up on the front of the boat and did a cannonball. I was about to but it would be my first time jumping in the lake, and I didn’t really know if I wanted to. My Brother and my dad were telling me to jump in. I figured what would go wrong, I went up to the front of the boat I looked down at the water I was a little bit nervous. Let's go Drew get it over with it's not that cold, don't be a wus. I clenched my thighs and jumped as high as I could and tucked in my knees and successfully did a cannonball and when I came back up I was so cold I wanted to get out so bad but then I realized, it felt pretty good.

I was in the water for about two minutes but then I got out. The air felt very cold, I just felt like floating there until my dad said " alright boys we're going to a sand bar" then we started going down to a sand bar, we got out our football and played a little catch.

After about 15 minutes we got bored of that and we started going home.

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