Jonny Dart is an emcee, currently living in Bristol. An early exposure to Hip hop music was hearing Tupac in the mid 90's where he felt the aesthetic quality of the beat, voice tone, pain and passion of the track "I Ain't Mad At Cha" was very palpable. Eventually, his love for this music led Jonny to discover the conscious aspect of Hip Hop and other influences such as KRS-One, to whom he still accredits his passion for emceeing.

Having experienced an ‘awakening’ of sorts in 2018, Jonny felt an increasingly powerful calling to release music to a wider audience. Having discovered the power of gratitude and self-empowerment, he decided to highlight these themes in his bars. Jonny has collaborated with several other local artists to form Quantum Collective, with whom he has performed in venues across Bristol and the surrounding areas. With a local buzz came aspirations of a worldwide influence.

Jonny has also performed at Networking events, and developed the vision to travel and perform internationally, with a mission to contribute towards helping his growing audience to challenge their perception about the world around them through his music and heartfelt, natural ability for connection.

Jonny with QC - Hip Hop Coffee Shop


  • Returning artist at Lyric Lounge and Hip Hop Coffee shop as an independent artist and with QTM
  • Supported Skinny man and Shakespeare in 2019
  • Hosted 'Open mic Hip Hop jam night' at the Golden Lion, Bristol
  • Performed at "Mid90s" premier, Live Hip Hop band and Skate Event, Bristol
  • Performed at networking events in 2018 & 2019
  • A regular performer at open mics in Bristol, including Hip Hop Coffee Shop


Pic credit: Tony Draper & Shutter-B photography