The Enemy Anne Koppenhoefer and Gretchen Plinke

A Rainy Walk Down MEmory Lane

Chapter 1

"Looking back now across fifteen years, I could see with great clarity the fear I had lived in, which must mean that in the interval I had succeeded in a very important undertaking: I must have made my escape from it" (Knowles 10).

The picture reflects the mood of chapter one. It portrays a gloomy, rainy scene with a lone person walking along trees like Gene does during this chapter.

The Pink crIminal

Chapter 2

"It was hypnotism. I was beginning to see that Phineas could get away with anything. I couldn't help envying him that a little, which is perfectly normal" (Knowles 25).

The bright pink of the trees represents the boldness and care free attitude of Finny, and his pink shirt. They stand out beautifully and are admired by all.

Escape to the Beach

Chapter 3

"Going there risked expulsion, destroyed the studying I was going to do for an important test the next morning, blasted the reasonable amount of order I wanted to maintain in my life, and it also involved the kind of long, labored bicycle ride I hated. 'All right,' I said" (Knowles 46).

The picture for this chapter depicts a happy, serene mood, portraying the risky trip to the beach made by the boys in order to escape the feeling of the school. The two boys in the picture serve as Finny and Gene, traveling as a pair along the beach.

Fierce Friendship

Chapter 4

"We were even after all, even in enmity. The deadly rivalry was on both sides after all" (Knowles 54).

The rivalry in this chapter causes Gene to increase studying and work harder to beat Finny, which is shown in the picture.


Chapter 5

"And I thought we were competitors! I wanted to cry" (Knowles 66).

The chair the picture depicts the setting when Gene confronts Finny. This occurs in Finny's own home, with personal furniture, unlike Devon's generic furniture. It creates more guilt for Gene, hurting Finny in a place that is his.

A new Devon

Chapter 6

"I lost part of myself to him then, and a soaring sense of freedom revealed that this must have been my purpose from the first: to become a part of Phineas" (Knowles 85).

The picture represents Devon in its gloomy fall session days. To Gene, the school is different from the summer because Finny took all the enjoyment and fun when he left.

Winter and war

Chapter 7

"Why go through the motions of getting an education and watch the war slowly chip away at the one thing I had loved here, the peace, the measureless, the careless peace of the Devon summer?" (Knowles 101).

The photo depicts a scene similar to when Gene and the other volunteers are by the railroad. This event inspires patriotism and excitement about the war in Brinker and Gene.

The Return of Phineas

Chapter 8

"For the war was no longer eroding the peaceful summertime stillness I had prized so munch at Devon... peace had come back to Devon for me" (Knowles 109).

The photo represents the fat old men Finny claims concocted the war. This portrays to separate peace Finny believes in, his ideas like these create an oblivious world for the boys.

Winter And Peace

Chapter 9

"... the escape we had concocted, this afternoon of momentary, illusory, special and separate peace" (Knowles 137).

The burning book in the picture depicts the commencement of the Winter Carnival the serves as a temporary escape for the boys.

Crazy Reality

Chapter 10

"I left Leper telling his story into the wind... I didn't want to hear any more of it. Not now or ever. I didn't care because it had nothing to do with me" (Knowles 151).

The two boys walking in the snow represent Gene and Leper as Leper tells him about the scary realities of the war.

A Friendship on Trial

Chapter 11

"it's important after all for me to believe you. Christ, I've got to believe you, at least. I know you better than anybody" (Knowles 163).

This picture represents the role brinker tries to play of "Justice incarnate" in accusing Gene of purposely pushing Finny out of the tree. But unlike the statue, he is not blind to bias and personal interest.

THe end

Chapter 12

"Tell me how to show you. It was just some ignorance inside me, some crazy thing inside me, something blind, that's all it was" (Knowles 191).

The marble staircase in the photograph portrays the marble staircase Finny falls down to hurt his leg again, an event that leads to more trauma for both Gene and Finny. It is also the staircase that Gene visits in the beginning of the novel, proving the event did have a lasting effect on him.

THe beginning

Chapter 13

"My fury was gone, I felt it gone, dried up at the source, withered and lifeless. Phineas had absorbed it and taken it with him, and I was rid of it forever" (Knowles 203).

The soldiers in the picture serve as what the boys have all become: soldiers. Devon is taken over by the inevitable enlistment of the students.

Olympic Game: race to Victory

This obstacle course is a race to capture Finny's pink shirt- a symbol of victory.

  1. All players begin at the center of the carnival
  2. On Finny's signal, sled down the ski slope and run to the tree
  3. Climb up the tree, dive into the Devon River
  4. Swim out and run a lap around the field house
  5. From the field house, use crutches to reach the dormitories.
  6. Hop on one leg to Finny's room and capture the pink shirt. The first player to reach the shirt wins.

Materials Needed: Sled, crutches, Finny's pink shirt


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