Spring The walled garden


This photo story wasn't planned. It came about simply because I realised that I'd been accumulating quite a few shots of activities in and around the walled garden and I thought that they might make a 'spring' collection. So, the result is a somewhat random selection of scenes, but I hope that it gives a flavour of what is going on at this busy time of year.

Springtime visitors at Wimpole Hall

Throughout this collection of photos I've included pictures of the spring flowers that I came across around the walled garden. This isn't my natural choice of subject, but in this case I think they provide a sense of springtime as well as adding some colour to enjoy.


Blossom on the espaliers illuminated by backlight
Phillip removes the flower stalks on the rhubarb
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Phillip inspecting one of the many trays of young plants that take up all the space in the greenhouse
Peat free potting compost that will be used for transplanting the seedlings into
Janet getting the trays ready for the job of pricking out
Diana removing the seedlings from their tray
Each of the seedlings is carefully transplanted
Only a few hundred more to go!
Janet prepares before the gardening volunteers arrive
Katy, Sue and Jane get started
Each delicate seedling needs careful handling
It might be a greenhouse, but it isn't that warm yet
Many hands make light work
Choose your colour
Janet arranging the trays so that every bit of space is utilised
Talking is allowed
Bluebell haze against the daffodils
Maggie and Sandra picking daffodils for the house displays
The rhubarb hasn't done well this spring
Yvonne tackles the weeds
Apple blossom in the walled garden
Maureen doing a tricky hoe manouvre
Caroline and Nicky are not short of weeds to hoe
One of the many varieties of tulips that have put on a show in the last week
Caroline and Diane enjoy the spring sunshine while weeding the cabbages
Is it a weed?
I've got the best gloves


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Bob weeding within the outer wall
Gill and Liz have spotted something
Theresa and Patricia prepare a bed for ornamental grasses
Careful positioning of the grasses ensures that there are no straight lines within their arrangment
The finishing touch
Michael gets prepared for deep water
Sadly, there doesn't appear to much evidence of pond life
The spring clear-out gets underway
One of many bucket loads
Something interesting?
Richard weeds against the north facing wall
Jenny and Emily tackling the flower bed
No weed escapes!
Heavy pruning does the job


I hope you have enjoyed looking through the photographs. If you did, you can let me know by clicking on the 'Appreciate' button at the very bottom of this web page. And, if you have featured in any of the photos and I've given you the wrong name, just drop me a line and I'll correct it.


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Created By
Mike Hodgson


Photography by Mike Hodgson

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