Original souvenirs from Tel Aviv israel | 100 % Cotton products

Originals souvenirs of Tel-Aviv the white city | #studiohadas

Our recent projects include the branding on Bauhaus architecture of the White city of Tel Aviv. The Bauhaus was a German architecture and design school which was active during the 1920s and 1930s also in Tel Aviv. This modern kind of architecture was the leading building style during that period. Xavier and Hadas propose several options of design products with this architecture. On the following pages, we present a range of design products, including T-shirts, badges and bags. Find our products in the Art Modern Museum of Tel Aviv, in the Jewish Museum of Tel Aviv and also in the Bauhaus Center Shop of Tel Aviv.

Printed in Israel

100 % cotton

100 % cotton tote and back bags

T-shirts men and women

T-shirts colors: Blue | Dark Grey | White | Grey | Blue Navy

Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv

Color cotton backs bags

Bags color: Beige | Red | Rose | Blue

Cotton tote bags

Bag size: 32x32cm | 37x40cm

Printed with background & without

Badges | Magnets

Metal badge & magnet 5.5 cm

Art Modern Museum of Tel Aviv
Created By
xavier rachmiel


Ella Arad