Immersed Obsolescence By Ashley Wilkie

What is it?

‘Immersed Obsolescence’ is an interactive installation designed to challenge and distort audience perception of tactility and depth through the medium of water. The diffused water allows projected animations to cover the surface of the water blurring one's perception of the real and simulated. The presence of real electronic components adds to the tactile and deceptive nature of the installation creating a playful interactive experience for audiences.

A Tactile Experience For All Audiences

Background Context

The installation is based around Jean Baudrillard's concept of hyper reality where "real and simulated become blurred". This theoretical concept in relation to simulation has allowed for provided understanding of how audiences perception of reality can become distorted.

Jussi Parikka work on What is Media Arachnology? epitomises much of the project, as the simple re-purposing and re-thinking how to display and engage audiences using technologies, which have been available for many years. The project does this in a way that is innovative and distinct, immersing audiences within an experience that was surprising and responsive and providing insight into future development of tactile interaction and augmented experiences.

"The water made me feel uneasy, I couldn't see what was in it making me wary of what lay beneath."

Affective Bodies Exhibition 2015

"Do I want to touch it? No. Do I feel like I should touch it? Yes!"

Affective Bodies Exhibition 2015

Initial Exhibition

The piece was first exhibited at the Ambient Bodies exhibition (9th– 11th December 2015), designed and created by Bournemouth University students studying Digital Media Design. Dr Anna Torisi a lecturer and practitioner at Bournemouth University curated the exhibition.

Affective Bodies Exhibition

Installation Specification

The installation requires 2-3 meter of space with a projector mounted above pointing downwards towards the pool. The pool is a hard white fiberglass rectangle 1.3 m x 1.1 m that remains on the floor and is filled with water and an additive to turn the water white. Obsolete electronic parts are placed within the pool and audiences are invited to participate in interaction with the visual imagery, objects and water.

UK Young Artists

The piece was most recently exhibited at UK Young Artists in Derby. UKYA champions the next generation of creativity, supporting collaboration and intercultural dialogue, ensuring a vibrant and diverse creative future for the UK. They develop artists’ practice through cross art form opportunities and celebrate creativity at national & international festivals. in 2016 they brought together 80 of best young artist from around the UK together for a exhibition, performance and displays of their work.

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Ashley Wilkie


Ashley Wilkie

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