How Trump Can Influence Climate Change By jasmine c. lee and adam pearce: Published in "the new york times"


The United States of America has created greenhouse gases at a rate the article calls "business as usual level." What the authors are trying to say in layman's terms is American is bad for the environment. it is expected by 2025, net emissions could reach 6.9 gigatons. However, there is hope for our environment; last year 195 nations agreed to reduce their admissions together, including the United States pledging to lower its share to 26-28 percent below its 2005 levels ( around 5.5) by 2050! That is universally accepted as a major step forward in the saving of our environment. But there are contingencies on this plan working: it relies on the Obama administration. Obama created the policy, Clean Power Plant, which will drive power plants towards renewable energy. Trump, president - elect, can come into office and cancel this policy to keep energy trade high and profitable, however. Trump can weaken and destroy all policies pushed so far for green, renewable energy.

The power for green, renewable energy lies in this hands.

Sadly, during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump said he would take the United States out of the Paris agreement and Clean Power Plan, both helping the environment. The Trump administration has said numerous times "moving against efforts undertaken by by the Obama Administration — by limiting the budget of the E.P.A. or slowing progress on federal actions, for example is a priority." This has been proven by Trump appointing Scott Pruitt, an ally of the fossil fuel industry, to run the Environmental Protection Agency, is a proven effort to dismantle Obama's actions to counter climate change. However, there is hope: Trump's decision will be an important factor, but not the sole factor in in the United States reaching its emission goals. Fortunately, the wind and solar power companies have been making more and more profits, unlike coal power companies.

"The United States is the second-largest greenhouse gas emitter, behind China. If America does not fulfill its pledge, the world may not be able to slow the increase in global temperatures."

My first emotion when reading this article was I felt sad. keeping our environment, especially in America, clean and healthy should be a top priority, for America is the the second largest greenhouse gas emitter after China. An increase in global temperatures is not only deadly to us humans, but also to all other species. We must help protect our environment, our planet. Donald Trump, in my opinion, should not be allowed to reverse what Obama's administration tired doing: helping our environment. I feel good, and I think it is important that other nations have said they would not back out of their pledges to helping control global climate change, however, America is such a large greenhouse gas producer, I think it is vital for Trump to help save the environment. I think he should be a forefront in showing other nations that we care about our environment. What content I thought was most noteworthy is that Trump cannot fully stop the help of climate control. Congress will get the chance to deny his vote on removing Obama's initiatives. I think that shows there is hope America will try.

Solar power is one of the best renewable sources of energy.

I think was also noteworthy is that other countries have explicitly said they would not back out of their pledges to help the environment after Trump is sworn into office. I think further steps that must be taken are to help inform Donald Trump the effects that come directly with global climate change. I think he must note that it is super dangerous his proposals in taking away Obama's initiatives. I think this can come true. I think when he goes into office he will learn this and decide to go against what he has previously said. I think there is hope to make America great again, and make the environment clean again!

Wind power is also a great source of renewable enrgy.

In conclusion, I think the big takeaways from reading this article is that global climate is a top priority that must be fixed, or at least tried to be fixed. I think it is vital that we save our environment, which in effect will save everything living on it. I picked this article, for I wanted to be more informed on how a new president, Donald Trump, would combat global rising temperatures, for in class we have started to learn the dangers connected with it. What more I really, really hope I learn in this topic is that Donald Trump will go against what he previously stated on removing Obama's administration's plans on combating global climate change. it is a fascinating subject to learn and read about for it can effect us on our everyday lives. I think everyone must take part in doing whatever they can in combating the fight against rising global temperatures to ensure america and planet will not be great again, however, stay great!

It is everyone's job to make sure our climate will never ever be able to harm this cute, smart puppy!


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