Kevin Neary Emerging Irish Artist

"Kevin Neary nailed it in Bruxelles tonight" - Keala Settle (2018 Golden Globe Winner for Best Original Song - "This is Me")
"This was a fantastic night of music from another of the names who is preparing to make a big statement on the Irish music scene in the coming years. Kevin Neary has taken his time to create his sound and performance persona and there was something natural and comfortable about this display" - Covert Music Club (Review of Sold Out Whelan's Show in November 2019)
"'Hopelessly True' marks Kevin as a thrilling new force in Irish Music" - Hot Press Magazine. _______________________________________________________________________________________"It feels like there's been a seismic infusion of soul-baring sincerity on the airwaves since the pandemic began, yet, not many candid tracks can hold a candle to Kevin Neary's 'Hopelessly True.'" - A&R Factory (UK)


Kevin Neary is an energetic and honest 26-year-old Irish Singer-Songwriter from Galway, living in Dublin.

Writing instrumentally-complex and deeply-layered songs, that have a personal touch, Kevin's strength can be seen in how he creates an interweaving dialogue between the voice, the instruments and all their parts. Kevin uses introspective lyrics that often tell an impactful story of his experiences or explore the issues of one's mind and how it copes with the world around it.

Kevin has found a following from his unique sound, that celebrates exploring an eclectic mix of genres such as Soul, RnB, Acoustic, Pop, Folk and Rock, within deeply layered and orchestral soundscapes, having been commended in how he varies using a strong, ferocious voice all the way down to the softest lyrics, barely heard. He has been likened to artists such as Dermot Kennedy, Hozier, Matt Corby, Gavin James, Paulo Nutini, Tom Odell.

A multi-instrumentalist (playing guitar, piano, drums, saxophone and more) Kevin has developed and honed his unique versatility (writing all the lyrics and music parts in his songs) and has used his multi-instrumental talents to create a compelling live show.

He has played in venues in Dublin and Galway such as Whelan's, Workman's, The Button Factory, Sin É, The Soundhouse, The Roisín Dubh, Monroes, etc. as well as highly-regarded live venues in London, such as Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club Upstairs (Soho, London), The Bedford (Balham, London), Spiritual Bar (Camden, London), etc.

Hot off his highly-anticipated debut and sold-out headline show in Whelan's (November 2019) with a huge 8-Piece band, Kevin sold out a further 2 (simultaneously-announced) shows in Dublin in 2020, with the first show selling out in a number of hours, and the second within 2 days.

Coming from humble busking roots, Kevin has grown from playing by himself on the streets of Galway and Dublin, and has found an explosive sound in the live band setting.

He was spotted in Dublin one night by legendary Broadway actress and The Greatest Showman's iconic singer Keala Settle (winner of Golden Globe for best original song "This is Me"), and a live performance of his song Man of Faith appeared on her instagram, where she commended his singing ability and performance.

Kevin has since recorded his most popular songs with established producer Michael Heffernan (who has worked with the likes of Dermot Kennedy, The Script, Gavin James, Gavin Friday, The Coronas, Il Divo, Swedish House Mafia, etc.) A slow and meticulous production, Kevin and his band laid the foundation of the songs. Kevin then composed parts for, and directed the piano and string talents of players, who have recorded with and performed accompaniment for the likes of Dermot Kennedy and Hozier, thus fulfilling his ambitious vision to take his music to another orchestral level.

Kevin released his debut single; pop-rock anthem "Take Me Anywhere" on February 28th 2020, receiving a very positive response (as well as interviews) from Irish radio stations and blogs such as Galway Bay Fm, RTÉ Radio Na Gaeltachta, Spin 108.3, Golden Plec and more.

In February 2021, he followed up more humbly with his sophomore release; the introspective, yet cosy Indie-Folk tale "Hopelessly True", which was received very positively throughout national and regional Irish radio; its highlight feature being on RTÉ radio 1, with Head of Music Martina McGlynn having complimented the song's accomplished sound and featuring it on RTÉ Radio 1's weekly recommends list for March 2021. The independently-directed animated music video for the song also made a big impact across media, premiering and featuring on Hot Press, Golden Plec, headlining the Music section of RTÉ's website and featuring a whole page feature on the Connacht Tribune.

Kevin's third release will be his strongest single and explosive soul anthem; "Man of Faith" in October 2021. Finally, he will reach his final step of releasing his final single "No Rest for the Wicked", making up his first collection of songs; the 5 track debut EP entitled "No Rest for the Wicked", releasing around November 2021.

Kevin and the band also recently completed recording his second 5-Track EP in December 2020 with Michael Heffernan, with plans to release music from this EP from early 2022 onwards, to keep his momentum bound for the sky.

Kevin Neary's determination to make a significant impact in the music scene; live, radio and streaming alike, will soon become apparent as he continues to release and perform throughout the year.


Contact: KevinNearyMusic@gmail.com

+353 85 815 7014



Click Below to Hear Debut Single "Take Me Anywhere"

"Take me Anywhere" is the debut release for upcoming singer-songwriter Kevin Neary. The style can be seen to be influenced by other popular radio artists such as Coldplay, Gavin James, Tom Odell, etc. with Kevin's voice showing resemblances to artists such as Hozier, Dermot Kennedy, Paulo Nutini, etc.

A feel-good driving anthem, Take Me Anywhere, tells the optimistic story of two people finding solace in each other and their joint love of adventure as they battle through the toughest aspects of their lives. The singer speaks of his love of this person, reinforces her strong effect on his life and reminds her how she could believe in herself the way she believes in him.

There is an element of dreamful longing as the singer reminds this person that, any second, they could just pack it all up, escape their worries and he would let her "Take Me Anywhere."

A very pop-friendly song, Take Me Anywhere, at its core, is a quick paced, acoustic piano anthem. After a gentle introduction to piano, synth and soft vocals, it is pushed on by a driving bass and kick drum as the simple, warm, echoing guitar motifs enlace themselves around the main piano part. The chorus kicks in with power, a ferocious vocal, and a full synth and guitar-filled texture that may remind listeners of a pleasant Coldplay-esque familiarity."


Produced by Michael Heffernan (Dermot Kennedy, The Script, Gavin James, The Coronas, Il Divo, Gavin Friday, Swedish House Mafia) and featuring strings and piano musicians who have featured on music with Dermot Kennedy (“Days Like This” Spotify Track) and Hozier (“Bridge over Troubled Water” for RTÉ Comic Relief)

“Hopelessly True” is a cosy, yet soulful acoustic/indie folk tale of this singer-songwriter's cathartic 2am venture to the winter waters of Dublin's River Liffey, in desperate search for his purpose in this life.

It is here, that the artist is approached and consoled by a friendly mid-morning swan who reminds him why life has so much to be valued for. This real-life experience inspired the song to be written, right there, on the steps by the waters of the river, in the small hours of the morning, retelling every detail of that fateful meeting.

The song is Kevin Neary’s sophomore release, and can be likened in style to the acoustic musings of successful Spotify Folk artists such as Dermot Kennedy, Bon Iver, Bear’s Den, Passenger, Novo Amor, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Axel Flovent, etc.

The song begins with Neary’s raw voice and chugging acoustic guitar heard at the forefront, creating a cosy, folky, fireside feel as he retells his fairy-tale-like experience. However, what makes the song stand out is in how it relentlessly builds, being dramatically texturised by a huge expanse of harmonies, orchestral strings, piano, subtle ambient electric guitar, gentle electronics and echoing timpani drums, creating a huge, beautiful, emotional sound, that is almost ethereal in quality.

Strategically releasing at the end of February to allow listeners to resonate with its cold, winter-weather mood; the reflective lyrics and calm, yet blissful orchestral music will stop the listener in their tracks with their beauty, break their heart with their poetic story, and let them exhale the pressures they feel about life with the hopeful final message they share, as the warmth of Spring fast approaches.


UNRELEASED: Planned Release October 2021





Live at Whelan's - Sold Out - November 2019
Live at Workman's - 2 Dates Sold Out - September 2020
Recording 2nd Ep and Live Performances at Black Mountain Studios - December 2020
Created By
Kevin Neary


Photos and Album artwork by Aron Cahill.