Should teachers pay school tax resulting in underpayment? By:Gracie Bacon

One day a 5 year old girl went outside to play. She saw the school across the street and immediately knew she wanted to be a teacher. 20 years laters she was sitting behind a desk with a pen and a grade book thinking about why she was paying herself to help our future population become better, smarter people

Why do the people creating the future world have to practically pay them selves if they live in the area so there is not as long of a drive. The reasons that teachers do not hardly ever live in the district because the will have to pay school tax. When teachers living in the district pay school tax they are basically paying them selves to work, This is because they are having to pay property tax and school tax, They should not have to pay that tax

The way teachers can not be underpaid while still not paying school tax is to have more paid school events and donation weeks. Education foundations also benefit this issue

When a teacher is leaving his/her education style for another they have experienced and received the same amount of education as a standard accountant but, They the teacher is paid less.

Whenever you see or interact with a teacher let them know that you appreciate what they do. Let's end this problem together by raising money and writing notes to government officials assessing this problem and, why teachers should not pay school tax.

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