Electromagnetic Spectrum By: Eddy tkachuk

Radio Waves

Radio waves have the longest wavelength and lowest frequency. Radio waves carry out signals for radio and TV programs. Radar also uses radio waves. Microwaves do to.

Infrared Waves

Infrared Rays give off heat. The heat is called infrared radiation. Heat lamps use infrared waves to off heat. They don't give off much light but heat your food. Infrared Cameras use infrared rays to see hot objects. Firefighters use them.

Visible Light

Visible light is the only part we can see of the electromagnetic spectrum. The longest wavelength is red while the shortest wavelength is violet. White is actually different colors mixed together.

Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet rays carry more energy than visible light. Ultraviolet rays can kill living cells and bacteria. Hospitals use them.Ultraviolet rays give you vitamin D though. To much Ultraviolet rays and they can cause cancer.


X-Rays are used to see bones and teeth. It can cause cancer. X-Rays can also find tiny cracks in steel or concrete. Dark areas show cracks. Dentists give you lead aprons to protect you.

Gamma Rays

Gamma rays are dangerous and emitted by nuclear explosion. Gamma rays can kill you. They are used to see the universe.


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