Fifth Grade Music January 2016 - March 2017

Our Music Curriculum

In Fifth Grade general music, the students will be focusing on three main units:

  1. Why Create Music
  2. How Does Music Unite Us
  3. What is the Music in Me.

Each unit lasts around three months. Below are the enduring understandings that the students have been working on for our second unit.

Unite 2- How Does Music Unite Us:

  • People make music to express themselves and their emotions
  • People make music for entertainment and to pass the time
  • People make music to create community
  • People communicate through song lyrics

Musical Activities in the Classroom:

The focus for our second unit is learning different ways people in the world are united by music through song and instruments.

The 5th graders have been introduced to the Drum Circle. During each lesson, the students have worked on learning various drumming techniques. The students have performed call and responses on the drums as well as improvised rhythmic answers on the drums. Finally, the 5th graders have layered a 6-part rhythm piece from World Music Drumming.

In small groups, the students worked together to create their own composed layered ostinatos. The 5th graders began by brainstorming a theme for their creation. The students based their theme around a question, such as "Do you want to play?" or "What's your favorite ice cream?". Next, each group composed rhythms that complemented each other, chose various tone colors (instruments) to play each part, created a form or order to their ensemble and finally performed their piece in front the class. Check out the videos of their Rhythm Complements projects by clicking on the link below!

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