how to become better at a skill postion in football

post 1:The reason i chose this topic is i love football and i play a skill position in it also i did this to show myself to how to get better and become a better athlete in this sport. i started playing football at the age of about 6 and played till i was like 8 but because of money reasons i couldn't play anymore . once high school came around i decided to quit every other sport i was in *baseball,soccer and basketball* and just play football. ever since freshman year i fell in love with the sport.

post 2:conditioning is an important part of football for any position on the field without it you wouldn't be able to play this sport.

post 3:this video link has basic drills that will help you become better in footwork and catching. it mostly focuses on the *DB* or defensive back position. this focus helps you with skills on catching and foot work without footwork you cant guard anyone at all which makes you a terrible DB.

post 4:this video focuses on the offensive skill position of a wide receiver its also has catching drills and foot work. footwork and hand drills are a huge part for a wide receiver. foot work helps you get off the line and get to the route you're going to run if you dont get off the line it ruins the whole play.

post 5: tackling is the main thing you have to do to be a good defensive player,without it you cant really play defense. this video shows one the best football colleges in Alabama and their tackling drills also these drills are done by their safeties.

post 6: a huge part for football in general is you have to play and know what you're doing you cant play the best and be lost at the same time. reading the routes they're running when you're on defense is a huge part of it you have to be able to stop the offense.

post 7 : the main part of football is knowing what you're doing at all times in the field no matter what position you play if you font know then there is no point of playing. you should study your plays for more then one position so that way you can play both sides of the ball

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