Engines By: Zach STroud

Engines are important to the world because they provide transportation. Engines are in cars,planes,boats, and they are used for power to! Without engines we would not be able to go anywhere,unless we walked.

Engines have been around since the 1800's. The first engine ever built was by an American engineer, George Brayton. He developed a two-stroke kerosene engine. It was the first safe and practical oil engine

Motors have changed a lot since they were first made. Engines from the 1800's and the engines from now are almost 100% different. The engines now have more horsepower, and are better in all ways to the environment.

this is a motor built from the 1900's through 1960.

this motor is a 2005-2017 dodge Hemi 5.7L gas engine.


Created with images by chadsnhiggins - "Chevy Engine" • rgallant_photography - "Engine" • bsabarnowl - "225-364 Binder 1929 DeSoto Six 4 Door Sedan K Series" • DVS1mn - "05 Dodge Magnum RT Engine Bay"

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