Replacing The Infastructure By: Logan durst

Lights, roads, and water ways are all apart of our Infastructure. Today's infrastructure allows us to turn on a light at the flip of a switch, wash your hands at the turn of a knob, and drive to anywhere you desire.

The problem with Today's infrastructure is it was yesterday's infrastructure. Our infrastructure was designed and built in the late 18th century. Technology has grown since then. The population has grown and will continue to grow exponentially.

Today we face a hard challenge: replacing an infrastructure that is over a century old.

Many of the records on where the piping and electrical lines are have been lost. Finding the lines is one of the biggest problems in towns like Chicago and Boston.

European engineers have found a way to make the pipelines out of a reflective material. When the workers want to find the pipeline they use special equipment that is used like an infrared radars the military uses. It just reflects to where the pipes are and there is no guess work.

One of the biggest reasons our infrastructure needs replaced is threatens our cities face today. From natural disasters to terrorist attacks, our roads are vunerable to disasters.

With infrastructure being such a big part of our civilization we need to take care of it. If you live in America, you rely on it's infrastructure. You can not do anything without relying on the infrastructure. The problem is that the people who had horses for the main means of transportation have their infrastructure in place. The people who never had televisions in their house have their electrical lines in place. Our infrastructure is outdated.

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