Exploration of Art at the uf harn museum

Seeing this piece of art in person was way more impactful than simply viewing a picture would have been. As the details explain, the sculpture is an abstract work created from odds and ends of recycled materials, tying vivid and playful colors in with the industrial and raw mood of American ingenuity. The way that this artist chose to construct this beautiful piece shows that one man's trash truly is another man's treasure! This art made me feel an appreciation for the simple things in life, while also being inspired by the clever craftsmanship that went into such a spectacular sculpture.
This particular exhibit perfectly captured that essence of creating art out of the museum itself. It was fascinating to see an open air, outdoor setting right in the middle of the formal museum. The juxtaposition between the bright, colorful nature in this strategically designed garden and the monotone, earthy colors of the elegant indoor museum added aesthetic appeal to the building as a whole. It was refreshing to see a work of art that was so unlike all the rest; this was a wise design choice by the museum.
These delicate, beautifully-crafted and preserved ancient dishes are a perfect example of core values instilled in art. Food is a necessity of all life, and eating is a social activity that transcends cultures all around the globe. Thus, the intricacy and detail put into these crafts reminded me of importance of meal traditions, etiquette, and manners growing up. The fact that these same fundamental values still translate hundreds of years later proves that this artist really took into account core values and emotional intrigue when creating this unique art.
This work of art struck me as especially representative of the endless search for the good life. Though the photographer was fascinated with Mexican architecture, I was immediately reminiscent of the American Dream; earning money, owning a house, and providing for one's family. What seems like a simple photo can evoke an array of different emotions in any number of viewers, but it all depends on the audience's preconceptions of what the good life really is on a personal level. This picture represents Sustaining the Good Life for me, because although it seems like just a boring house at first, there is underlying meaning when we look just a little further, just like a real home.


Created with images by jared422_80 - "Gainesville - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art - Roadside Sculpture"

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