Documentary proposal Military Band

I have been asked to do the photography on the Dasher parade for a military band on the 26th March 2017.

The Dasher parade is a parade along the seafront of Ardrossan to the HMS Dasher Memorial where a service takes place to honour the deceased. The HMS Dasher was a British Royal Navy aircraft carrier, of the avenger class - converted merchant vessel, which suffered a major internal explosion and sank with a death toll of 379 of 528 crewmen.

The band will lead the memorial parade along the sea front in any weather, and i have been asked to photograph this event.

The World War II was a escort aircraft carrier. The remains of the carrier lie in some 140meters (460ft) of the water in the Firth of Clyde, south of little Cumbrae, and between Brodick on the island of Arran and Ardrossan on the mainland. The vessel sank on March 27th 1943, while engaged in landing excersizes, during which an aviation gasoline explosion is believed to have taken place, resulting in the rapid sinking of the vessel. No absolute cause was determined for the explosion at the time.

The wreck is an official War Grave, designated as a controlled site under the protection of the Military Remains Act, and several memorials have been erected in the surrounding areas, commemorating the event and loss of life. In 1993 a memorial stone and plaque were located at Ardossan South Beach, in a memorial garden flower bed with the outline of a ship, across the road from the Saint Peters Roman Catholic church.

As a photographer i plan on documenting the day...from people in ordinary clothes to getting into uniform. The preparation that takes place before the parade starts to the actual documentation of the parade and paying tribute to those who lost their lives, & the closing up and end of the day. I hope to gain a relevant number of photos which will give you an insight into what the day entails.

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