POP-ART Ally Minger

3-10-17 Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-1950's in Britain and the late 1950's in the US. I found my inspiration for this project in pop-artist Romero Britto. He used pop art as a visual for hope and happiness. He was a self taught artist and is famous for putting a heart on the cheeks of faces in his artwork. Britto was also the first artist living to exhibit his artwork at the Musea Soumaya. He has made art for the 2016 Olympics as well as made a Disney art collection. His color scheme included bright colors and many different types of designs. He would break up the picture with lines and have a different design in each section that was divided by the lines. I sketched 6 different sketches and out of those I picked the two that I would use. Once I had the ones that I wanted I did full size sketches for both of them.

3-14-17 First I picked the three sketches that I would be using in my accordion book. I picked the turtle, the heart, and the stars. Then I drew the first sketch on a full sketchbook paper so that I could see what I would look like on a larger scale. I finished the sketches of the turtles and started filling in different patterns. I then started on the other two sketches.

3-22-17 I sketched the two other designs that I will be using in my accordion book. I also filled the designs with the same patterns I used in my first sketch. I did this so that I could carry out a pattern throughout the book. On the last one I didn't put the pattern inside the stars. I kept them empty while on the other sketches I covered the entire page in different patterns.

3-24-17 I started my cover by dividing the paper in half and drawing my turtle on both sides so that they matched up. I had to use a window so that I could match the pictures up as best as I could. I then divided the picture with lines and outlined everything in black sharpie. After I did that on both sides I filled in the boxes with patterns and outlined them all in sharpie. Once I had all boxes filled on both sides I started to color.

3-27-17 I used marker and color pencil to fill in my drawing. The artist I chose used all of the colors on the color wheel. I modeled my coloring after him so I colored the boxes an assortment of colors making sure to leave some boxes without a pattern and color one color. When I finished coloring one side I started on the other making sure I used the same colors in the correct boxes. I finished coloring the cover and back so I cut the paper in half and glued them on cardboard.

3-29-17 When I was finished with the cover and back I started on the inside pieces. I got a large white sheet of paper and drew one design on the front and a different one on the back. I chose the heart design to be put on the front and the star design for the back. When I finished drawing it in pencil I outlined it in sharpie. I then started filling the boxes with patterns and outlining them in sharpie.

4-4-17 I finished outlining the patters in sharpie on the heart side. When I was finished I got all the markers that I would use making sure I got as many colors as I could. I started to fill in the patterns with the colors that I chose. I made sure to leave plenty of space for markers and colored pencils.

4-6-17 I outlined my star side in sharpie so that it matched the heart side. I made sure that every line was outlined. Doing this make it possible to see the lines when I color over them. If I didn't outline the lines you would not be able to see it when I color it. I finished with the sharpie and flipped back over to the heart side.

4-18-17 I went back to coloring the heart side with markers. I wanted to make sure that I didn't use the same color next to each other. I left room so that I could use colored pencil and markers. I worked on coloring this side the entire class time. I wanted to make sure that my patterns would stand out so I used multiple colors on each pattern.

4-20-17 I started coloring the star side filling most of the patterns with marker. I used every color of marker there was so that I could have a wide variety of color. Filling the entire page with mostly markers took the entire class to do. I made sure to pay attention to detail so that it looked neat. I made all of the stars a solid color so that they stood out from the rest of it.

4-24-17 I filled in the rest of the star side with colored pencil. I needed to use two different methods to fill the entire page. Coloring with colored pencil would take me longer because I would have to make sure it was dark and completely filled in. The designs that I filled with marker and filled in the rest of the design with the same color in colored pencil. I finished with coloring in the star side.

4-26-17 I got my cover page and lined it up with my paper so that I could see how I should cut my page. I decided I wanted to cut it in half so that it would match up with my cover page. After I cut it I measured out a half inch. I then glued the two sheets together to make one long sheet. I then let the glue dry for 10 minutes to make sure that it was stuck together.

4-28-17 When the glue was dry I measured up the cover sheet so I knew how much I needed to cut off. I then marketed where I needed to cut. I cut out a strip so that it matched up with my cover sheet. I am going to use the sheet in my book. I'll cut out holes so that I can thread the strip through it.

5-2-17 I planned out how I wanted to cut my paper. I also decided what I would add to make my book into an abstract piece. I want to add shapes, the strip of paper, and cuts so that it is abstract. I then started to make cuts in the long sheet so that it fit with my design. I also planned out how I would make the pocket for the cover sheet.

5-4-17 I started with cutting the corner into triangles. It made the lines in my design pop so that they stood out. I then cut out a circle that was in my design and glued it back on so that it would pop out. Next I added black hot glue to the one of my designs which made the lines 3D. On the next corner I cut out raindrop shapes and added string in the middle of them.

5-8-17 I stared by cutting out a zig-zag pattern that I drew so that on the other side the design would pop. I wanted to add weaving so I cut slits in the middle of one page and used the strip of paper that I cut off from the top to weave through. I then cut out a triangle that was at the top of one of my pages. I wanted more cut outs that would pop out so I added on the first page. Next I cut out a strip but didn't cut to the bottom and threaded string through it.

5-10-17 At the top of one of my pages I cut out rectangles and folded them opposite ways. At the bottom of a different page I cut out every other strip from the design. On the heart side I wanted to make the heart bold so I used wire and threaded it through. I also cut out the circles on the same side so that I could see through on the star side. I also cut out a little star and another triangle on the first page.

5-12-17 To finish off my pages I used the black hot glue around the big star. This will make the star 3D and it will stand out against the red. I then added a green pocket on the cover. I also added round cuts to the top of a page. Lastly I glued the pages to the cover and back.


Created with images by Artondra Hall - "Downtown Baltimore" • fernandosouza - "Romero britto"

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