Communicating Confidently Surviving and thriving in a virtual world

Build your confidence and personal power to supercharge your career chances

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How it works

This innovative online course will guide you through the psychology of communication using practical tools to enhance your ability to manage other people, deliver difficult messages, manage feedback, present better and develop your confident expertise.

  • 3 hours of personal development at your own pace
  • 4 modules: mindset, visual, vocal, verbal
  • Practical exercises with video tutorials
  • Supporting content throughout

Learn how we communicate on multiple levels to mitigate negative effects of how others judge you

Understand how to get in the driving seat of confident conversations through leveraging your strengths

Practise doing something different with your body and voice to enable you to be the best expression of YOU

Manage your mindset and create neural pathways that will help you to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals.

Module 1 confident mindset

This module is all about how we can easily influence ourselves to have a more positive impact on others.

I’m going to walk you through what confidence really is, why we want it and how to master it.

We’ll go right back in time and build your confidence from the inside out – starting from revisiting all your achievements so far.

  • Switch on your growth mindset
  • Re-wire your brain to learn new behaviours
  • Set simple achievable goals
  • Take easy steps out of your comfort zone

Module 2 Visual confidence

This module is all about body language and visual impact.

We're going to get laser focused on what confidence LOOKS like, how it makes you feel and how we impact on each other visually. We're going to have a good look at ourselves and see ourselves from another person's point of view which will make a massive difference to how you show up in life and are perceived by others

  • Make a positive impact on others
  • Increase your likeability today to influence your tomorrow
  • Accelerate your career and life chances
  • Find your best expression of yourself and become comfortable in your skin

Module 3 vocal confidence

In this module we’re going to explore our vocal impact.

We'll explore your voice, the tone, the pitch and the resonance and learn some simple techniques to build power and authority into your voice when you need it most.

You might be running a small business and have to speak to clients and potential customers in a persuasive way.

You might be managing individuals or teams and have to lead as well as support, develop and nurture.

  • Make impactful presentations
  • Deliver progress reports
  • Add value to client meetings
  • Deliver important communications without much preparation

Module 4 Verbal confidence

In this module we’re going to explore our verbal impact.

We're going to get really clear about what our choice of words can do to influence how other people perceive us, react to us and how those behaviours can affect our outcomes.

You’ll learn how the simple use of language and the words we use to describe ourselves or introduce others can make or break a conversation.

The secret to confidence is to invest in other people - to take an interest and make them feel good about themselves to:

  • Start conversations with anyone
  • Create your powerful biography to confidently credentialise yourself
  • Build a personal story that crosses over barriers
  • Inspire others to want to get to know you more
I would definitely recommend this course. It's great for people who have a few years under their belt and want to progress, for those who have achieved lots but want to build in their skills and for those with lots of experience who want to reflect and consolidate their skills. Consultant Global Professional Services firm
I think anyone can benefit from this course from administrators to managers, those who have face to face meetings with clients and those who have to do a lot of presentations. The supporting content really helped to embed the learning. Junior consultant, Global Telecommunications firm.
All the videos were great and I found the supporting content fantastic. Consultant, Global Professional Services firm
The biggest takeaway is how I present myself. My facial expressions and the impact this may have, how I conduct myself in meetings and how I deal with challenging situations. Senior Consultant, Global Professional Services firm.


Mairi is a Personal Impact Expert and MD of Scene Change Creative Consultants Ltd, providers of global people development and talent initiatives. She is founder of the UK House of Commons Women into Leadership programme and has designed and delivered successful Presentation Skills workshops for their Senior HR Leadership Team.

She is the highest rated workshop provider for a global soft drink Pan European Women in Leadership Programme, a senior trainer for the UK Civil Service and associate trainer for many global consultancies with whom she delivers Client Relationship Building and Crucial Conversations training.

As a trained professional actress and BBC TV presenter, Mairi uses her skills to enable individuals and groups to communicate and present better, build confidence, increase visibility and align personal branding to organisational values.

As a sought-after speaker, Mairi regularly speaks across the UK with practical sessions on confidence and presentation skills combining her theatrical training with business and social psychology. Mairi has been a judge on the BBC Apprentice Final as part of a team of business experts assessing the market potential of a key product and is a judge for the prestigious WeAreTheCity.Com Rising Stars Awards for female pipeline talent across industries.

She is the mother of two young boys and occasionally dabbles in stand-up comedy.


Mairi McHaffie, Scene Change Creative Consultants Ltd, First Floor 85 Great Portland Street London W1W 7LT t) 020 7060 2067 e) mairi@scenechange.co.uk w) www.scenechange.co.uk