Aimery Jamerson Pipes

The coolest thing i have done this year is when I made a model rocket out out of cardboard it was very amazing and great.
  1. .I've had some people help me with it but it was not a lot of people just few but I mainly did the work all in all i think i did good with that project.But there was another one i did at the begining of the year but it was supposed to be a can despenscer made out of cardboard i needed to add a few tinks to make it complete but i never got the time to do it but it would have held about 5 cans and on the back i would have added a door so you can add more cans if it got empty but those are the main projects that i have done this year so thanks for reading :) .
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Created with images by jarmoluk - "the ball stadion football"

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