DARPA Challenge By: Josh Barua


For this challenge we are going to have to design our robot to utilize stability, speed, and driving skills.

The stability will help us avoid from turning over on the jump and debris luring around, so we will need a stronger base.

The challenge is all about how fast you can complete it, so we will have to use mechanical advantage in order to create a fast bot.

The challenge also happens to be used controlled, so we will need to practice our driving skills in order to succeed.


For the speed challenge we will have to display speed, driving skills.

Our robot will need to be fast in order to win this challenge, so we will need to create an aerodynamic design.

This challenge isn't anutonomous so we will have to practice our driving skills.


For this challenge we will need to write good code, turning abilities, and of course speed.

This challenge is autonomous so we will need to have good code in order to succeed, so we will take time to create one.

Because this is slalom and there will be gates to turn through, we will require good turning skills.

This is timed so our robot will need to be fast that way we ensure success.


For this challenge in order to succeed we will need to write appropriate code, good turning abilities, and a claw.

This challenge is autonomous therefore we will need to write the appropriate code, to do this we will work together and collaborate.

The purpose is to move an object in a circle so our robot will need to turn around the object in the middle otherwise we will fail.

We will also build a claw so we can grab onto the block we are turning.

Color Sort

To win we are gonna need to have good code and color sensors

This is an autonomous challenge so we will need good code otherwise our robot will fail after it grabs the block.

We will also need color sensors in order to sense the correct block to pick up

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