Gorokan Public School Newsletter - Week 2, Term 3, 2020

Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to what should be another term of great teaching and inspired learning. I trust that everyone has had a safe and relaxing holiday and that the students are keen to re-engage with their teachers and friends. A warm welcome is extended to our new students and their families. I look forward to working in partnership with you, your child/ren and our wonderful staff to ensure a smooth transition to our great school.

COVID-19 Update

A link to the latest community update podcast was sent out to parents and carers last Monday. If you missed it, the following link will allow you to access this useful informative video which outlines the school’s current COVID-safe practices for your reference.


One of the most important and valuable things a parent can do for their child/ren is to send them to school, each and every school day. Children who are six years old are required by law to attend school daily. At Gorokan Public School, children are not only educated in the key learning areas, but they also develop friendships and learn how to socialise with others during their time at school. Being on time for school sets the children up for success throughout the rest of the day. We encourage all students to arrive at school by 8:55am, and to attend every day.

Colour Run for Fun

Every student can now access the online fundraising site for our Colour Explosion Fun Run happening on Friday August 21. We have already had some amazing efforts so far and we’re looking forward to turning Gorokan Public School into a rainbow for a day!

Education Week

The school will celebrate Education Week in Week 3 (next week) and our School Captains and Prefects will lead a whole school celebratory assembly via video conferencing. This will occur on Friday 7th August at 1:00pm. Parents and carers can also join this celebration via the link below. Unfortunately, our usual additional Education Week Activities including open classrooms and the annual book parade will be on hold for now due to the current social distancing restrictions.

Positive Behaviour System Update

A new positive behaviour system has been introduced, replacing the green card system and old rewards day system that was previously in place. Please refer to detailed explanation below.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher phone meetings are underway and have been pleasingly well attended. Thank you for making the time to engage in this very important aspect of your child’s education. Receiving and providing information about your child’s learning and development is very important for enhancing their educational outcomes. Please contact your child’s teacher if you still need to make an appointment time.

School Uniforms

I would like to encourage the correct uniform to be worn at school each day to consistently promote school pride and team spirit. It is very important that students are wearing the correct hat and jumper to school. If new clothing is required orders can be placed online at Gosford Tailoring by clicking the button below. Another alternative is to purchase pre-owned clothing from our clothing pool. For further enquiries please contact the office.

Class Captains

Congratulations to the students who have been elected from each class to be Class Captains for the term. It is through consistent effort in applying and modeling the school rules of being a safe, respectful learner, that results in this honorable accolade.

The following students will be acknowledged at the Education week assembly Term 3

KFL B. North, F. Kivalu, KTD E. Day, A. Burke, KC T. Smith, F. Guy KL L. Heriot, A. Harvey KJ T. Nimmo, G. Sahota

1B T. Monk, I. Mepham 1J C. Nicholls, Y. Grabham 1L A. Coulton, Z. Boldt 1E B. Hodder, S. Butler 1/2C T. Disher, L. Urquhart

2F J. Preston, J. Watene 2A B. Kilner, A. Taufa 2B J. Lawton, K. Kivalu

K-6G E. Campbell-Laurich K-6J I. Colley K-6L J. Denne

3L T. Nicol, O. Smith 3P S. Forrest, T. Allmon 3M H. Collins, X. Ballard

4R S. Brydson, J. Tomkins 4W D. Hoban, N. Foaiauimatagi 4M A. Gallaher, P. Reeson .

5F D. McDonald, M. Hall 5R K. Graffi, Z. Dall 5D J. Rattledge, R. Sheehan

6B I. J, E. Magann 6C J. Montgomery, K. Jackson 6F Henry Su, Montanna Pease


Due to the current social distancing restrictions, P&C meetings will be on hold for the moment. I look forward to when we are able to resume our regular meetings and will keep you posted when we are able to do so.

School Development Day (pupil free day)

The teachers and I engaged in a great day of professional learning on Monday when teachers resumed duty for the term. The topics covered on the day included the following:

  • Communications, including a COVID-19 update,
  • School Excellence – commencing the next planning cycle for NSW schools,
  • Implementation of our new Positive Reinforcement System for student behaviour,
  • Supporting students with special needs, and
  • Showcasing of Term 2 flexible learning program features from across the school.

Game, Set and Match

I am pleased to announce that our tennis court refurbishment is now complete and that the students (and staff) have been enjoying this wonderful new facility.

Staffing Update

A warm welcome is extended to the following staff who have joined the Gorokan team recently:

  • Sam Barnett was appointed to the School Administration Officer role.
  • Mrs Kelly King will be promoting sustainable living education though the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program working with Stage Three and Special Education this term.

Enrol Now for 2021

Do you have a child ready for kindergarten in 2021 or do you know someone with a child due to start school next year? If so please encourage them to contact the school to organise an enrolment package. It is important that we get our new enrolments in soon so that we can plan for 2021.

Together we can make a difference.

Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday 27th July - Friday 14th August Parent/teacher phone interviews
  • Friday 31st July K-6 Public Speaking Competition
  • Monday 3rd August - Friday 7th August Education Week
  • Friday 7th August Education Week Assembly via video conferencing
  • Friday 21st August Year 6 Colour Run Fundraising
  • Wednesday 16th September Opportunity class exam (Stage 2)
  • Friday 25th September Last Day of Term 3
  • Monday 12th October First day back Term 4
  • Sunday 8th November - Saturday 14th November NAIDOC Week

Early Stage One

Current Learning

The students are learning about insects and how to add extra information to sentences when writing. They are also exploring the weather, symbols used to describe types of weather and how it effects living things. The students are also learning to add and subtract two groups of numbers using the most efficient strategies.


Important days to remember

Class Dojo - Please sign into the Class Dojo app to monitor your child’s positive behaviour on a daily basis.

Parent/Teacher Interviews via telephone calls - Your child’s teacher will endeavour to conduct an interview with you by telephone on the following days between 8:30am and 3:30pm. If you are unable to discuss your child’s progress on this day, please notify your child’s teacher of a more convenient day/time.

  • KJ (Mrs Jeanpierre) - Tuesday 28th July
  • KL (Mrs Lansdowne) - Wednesday 29th July
  • KDT (Ms Turner/Mrs Duke) - Thursday 30th July
  • KFL – (Mrs Flanagan) - Thursday 6th August
  • KC – (Mrs Coote) - Tuesday 11th August

Celebration of Learning

Term 3 Class Captains -  KC  - Taitum and Felicity, KDT - Ethan and Annabelle,

Class Awards - Congratulations to the following students for receiving class awards last week. KC - Lailani and Nixon, KD/T - Harry and Annabelle, KF/L - Daniel and Blair,

Mrs D Jeanpierre - ES1 Assistant Principal

Stage One

Current Learning

Week 2 Spelling Focus: s, ss, se, ce, x Blends: sk, sc, sl. Grammar Focus: Compound Sentences using two adjectives. Writing Focus: Informative Writing. Maths Focus: Whole Number: Year 1: Recognise, read and write and order numbers to 100. Year 2: Rounding up and estimating to the nearest 100.

Week 3Spelling Focus: ir, ur, er. Grammar Focus: Contractions. Writing Focus: Persuasive Writing. Maths Focus: Addition and Subtraction: Year 1: Using a range of strategies involving two digit numbers. Year 2: Using a range of mental strategies involving two digit numbers, including: Split Strategy and Inverse Strategy.


Home Reading - We are encouraging all students to use the PM Readers online for home reading. If you do not have an account for your child, please see your child’s teacher. Daily reading at home makes a positive difference in your child’s education.

Sport - Year 1 Sport will be on Monday afternoons and Year 2 sport will continue to be on Thursday afternoons.

Celebration of Learning

Year 1 and Year 2 have been designing posters about ways we can be safe. Look at this amazing teamwork from 1L while they are hard at work designing and creating their safety posters.

Mrs L Anderson - Acting S1 Assistant Principal

Stage Two

Welcome back to all of our students and parents. We trust that you had a wonderful, well deserved break and that the batteries have been recharged, ready for a productive term of learning.

Current Learning

This term students in Stage 2 will be learning to write informative texts. We are starting with descriptions. We have begun to look at the features of descriptive texts and are in the planning and researching stage of our writing. Year 4 have been using technology to learn about coordinates and compass directions and were able to experiment with Google Earth last week, which was highly engaging. Our geography unit this semester is to do with sustainability and making the most of our resources. Students have already started looking at ways that we are sustainable at school. We encourage them to do the same at home.


Class Dojo - All teachers in Stage 2 are now using Class Dojo in place of the weekly behaviour cards. This is in line with our whole school behaviour initiative. We would like to remind you that this system is purely intended as feedback to parents on how your child's day has been whilst at school. Teachers are unable to reply to messages sent via Class Dojo. Please call the school if you wish to discuss anything with you child's teacher.

Celebration of Learning

Congratulations to all of our Stage 2 students on the way that they have sensibly and safely returned to school this term and for their enthusiasm in the classroom. We are looking forward to a fabulous term!

Mrs R Ranse - Acting S2 Assistant Principal

Stage Three

Current Learning

Students are busy once again this week, completing Week 2 learning tasks and working towards their behaviour expectation goals.

Letters were sent home last week in regards to Class Dojo and your individual parent logins for you to see where your child is on our school-wide behaviour circles at the end of each day. Please keep a close eye on your child’s progress and allocation of points. Please monitor daily and discuss with your child their behaviour and point rewards. We really appreciate your support.

Year 6 Transition to High School (Gorokan High School)

Gorokan High School Showcase Evening - At this stage this event has been cancelled. Gorokan High School are busily developing a website to share with families that will replace this. We will share the link with you as soon as it is ready.


Please ensure all Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program permission notes are returned to class teachers as soon as possible. This is a wonderful program and students in Stage 3 have the first opportunity to participate in this exciting program throughout our school. Students will not be able to participate if they have not returned their permission note.

Year 6 FUN- raising

Colour Explosion Fun Run - We have had an amazing response already to our upcoming colour explosion fun run! We thank everyone who has already obtained sponsors for this awesome event.

Make a profile page for your child using the button below. Schools cannot accept cash due to COVID-19 and all funds must be raised online. Remember to purchase your white shirts for the day.

Drink Bottles - Please ensure your child brings a drink bottle and their own writing instruments (pens, pencils etc) to school every day.

Celebration of Learning

Over the next fortnight we look forward to catching up with all our parents and carers through our Parent Teacher interview phone calls. Please ensure you have booked a time slot that suits for us to call and speak to you over the phone . We look forward to sharing Education Week with you next week in Week 3 via online streaming.

Mrs K Day - S3 Assistant Principal

Special Education

Current Learning

This term in writing we are focusing on persuasive texts. Students are exploring different points of view and writing reasons for and against a topic. Last week we read the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs and the story from the wolf’s perspective. The students enjoyed comparing the similarities and differences in the different versions of the story.


This term our students will participate in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen program taught by Mrs King and supported by their classroom teacher. Permission notes were sent home last week. Please sign and return the form to school this week.

Celebration of Learning

Congratulations to the following students who received awards at our grade gathering last week: Noah A, Johnny, Amelia, Isaac and Jordan.

Mrs S Crook - Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing

P&C News

I hope all of our families are staying safe and well during the current unpredictable times. Unfortunately, P&C meetings will be placed on hold until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and I will endeavour to provide the community with regular updates.

Breakfast Club currently operates 5 mornings a week feeding over 100 students daily. Unfortunately, we have lost some funding and donations. To help us continue with this valuable program, if any families are able to donate any of the following supplies it would be a greatly appreciated: butter/margarine, disposable gloves, dish liquid/sponges. Please send any donations to school with your child(ren) which they can drop off to the Breakfast Club room.

Jasmine Daunt - Community Liaison Officer

SaC Centre News

Transition to School Online Sessions for Central Coast Schools as Community Centres

Central Coast SaCC will present 9 weekly, 10 minute sessions over Term 3, on Wednesday mornings at 10:30am commencing on the 5th August. The sessions will provide information and practical ideas for families preparing children to transition into school. Session recordings will remain available for those who are unavailable at 10.30am, and can be accessed at: Central Coast Schools as Community Centres Facebook.

Session One 05/08/2020 THE BIG QUESTIONS?

  • Schools look different now to what they used to.
  • Anxiety around beginning school is normal for both children and parents.
  • SCHOOL AGE! Is my child ready?

Parenting Courses

  • 4th August - 18th August (3 Tuesdays in a row) - 123 Magic Parenting Program 12:00pm - 2:00pm
  • 13th August - 10th September (Five Thursdays in a row) - Triple P Parenting Course: 12:00pm - 2:00pm (2 hours)
  • Click here to register for parenting courses or go to Central Coast Family Support Services @ https://ccfss.org.au/

SaCC Term 3 regular program parenting courses and speech group (All Free and online)

  • Monday: Little Learners, Baby Massage,
  • Tuesdays: Mother Goose/Baby Play, 123 Magic parenting,
  • Wednesday: Kids on the Move, Transition to School, Talkers Storytime (Speech),
  • Thursday: Busy Beats, Aboriginal Building Connections for separated parents,
  • Friday: Little Thinkers group, Talkers Play Pals (Speech).

Information: Phone Liz McMinn, SaCC Facilitator Gorokan Public School on 0467760712

Parenting Ideas

Charting a new course for kids post COVID-19

While we’ve been denied access during the COVID-19 pandemic to activities such as playing group sport, spending time in a café or meeting with friends, there’s been plenty of upside too.

Discussions with friends reveal that family life has been a big beneficiary from the physical distancing measures. Comments such as “It’s so good to slow down,” “I cherish the time I’m spending with my children,” and “I’m discovering the joy of having real conversations with my teenager” point to the positive side of getting off the family roundabout many of us have been on.

Though the restrictions placed on society are of course challenging, the imposed period of social isolation has provided an opportunity for parents to forge new habits that have potential to bring more joy and less stress to their children’s lives once the threat has subsided. Here are some ideas to consider while charting a new course for kids post COVID-19.

Significant personal hobbies

Our previous reliance on organised, adult-initiated activity to keep kids busy came at the expense of child-initiated hobbies and interests. The rise of personal digital entertainment and communication technology in recent years has also contributed to the demise of hands-on hobbies such as collecting, crafts and music.

The Scandinavians have long valued the positive impact of hobbies on a person’s wellbeing and quality of life. In turn they encourage (and in Sweden’s case heavily subsidise) the uptake of hobbies and personal interests from a very young age.

Personal Learning Centres

Experts agree that the future of work will be characterised by constant change, requiring workers to continually learn and upskill if they are to adapt. Our children will need to see themselves as continuous learners if they are to succeed in this uncertain future.

The home is a great place to plant this concept in young minds and there’s no better way to do this than establishing their own personal learning centre. Start small with a bean bag, a small bookshelf and build from there. It’s the idea rather than the physical setting where the learning significance lays.

Mental health practices

This period in isolation has offered an opportunity to embed good mental health practices in children and young people. Three key health practices to continue include healthy eating, plenty of exercise and good sleep patterns. Add regular mindfulness practice, deep breathing and the opportunity to spend plenty of time in nature and you’ll be establishing a strong mental health and wellbeing framework for life.

Mix of alone and group activities

Life in social isolation has meant family members have had to compromise. Extroverts who love to be surrounded by people have had to give parents and siblings the space they need. Introverts who prefer their own company have been sharing their time, space and company with other family members. Post COVID-19, consider encouraging kids to experience a mixture of alone time, allowing for personal reflection and family time, which promotes family connection. Both are essential for healthy wellbeing.

Deep eldership connection

Increased one-on-one time between parents and kids has been a positive side effect of life in social isolation. The opportunity for parents to connect with children and young people with greater depth and meaning is a return to eldership, practised by past generations. Eldership, where parents shared their wisdom and their vulnerabilities with young people, when combined with healthy rites of passage is a time-honoured way of preparing young people for adulthood.

This period of social isolation has provided a rare opportunity for parents to renew and refresh their children’s lifestyles, and in some circumstances, reboot family lives as well. It would be a waste to climb back on the busy roundabout of life once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, without making some positive changes to the way we live.

Written and published by Michael Grose Presentations. All rights reserved. For more ideas, support and advice for all you’re parenting challenges visit: