Cause and Effect Exoploration By Dazed

The Crusades

How did the crusades causes exploration by finding new thinks when they where fighting the Muslims in the holy land which the crusaders found out sweets and spices from china because the Muslims and china had a trading route and when they went to battle the crusaders found out spices and new things and also they saw like things they never seen before ever in their life

- resource Mrs. Lyon


it caused exploration by them fighting for themselves because during the ages the Europeans wanted to kill the Muslims which was two different religions in general and as they went into battle they both had men lost and colonies token over but also they found out new things they did know of so it was like a win, win situation and also it caused exploration because out of it they exchange things with each other

- There knowledge grows about other religions as they explore

there knowledge grew and also they explored because they wanted to spread Christianity because the Europeans were very religious. They wanted to expand there knowledge because they didn't really know as much of the world around them they wanted to travel around the world so they would have an even more understanding of the world.

- The Europeans clashed with American Indians and ended up dying from dieses

They clashed together and the Europeans had accidentally brought a new disease that was unexpected to the American Indians this disease wipe out about 90% of the Native culture the way it had spread was from trading with other cultures because of the bacteria or sometimes it spread direct contact with the colonist through the result of the contact with the Europeans were just horrible because of germs sometimes even villages perished in a short time

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