You have to rise before you can run. by Andrew H., Shelby H., Ashley L., Carson C.

The slope of this line is 0, because it has no rise but a run of 0.

Slope intercept form is y=mx+b.

You can change an equation into slope intercept form by taking your x value and adding or subtracting to the other side of the equal sign by your number representing b, then divide the number of y's by each number to find out what y equals.
You can draw a graph using slope intercept form by having b be the number you go up or down on in the y-axis and then the x tells you how much you rise up and how much you go over.
To write an equation using slope intercept form on a graph you'll find where your line crosses over the y-axis to find your y intercept {b} and then to find the rise over run by counting the boxes in between the two points if the rise and run are both 1 the equation would be only x and depending on the rise the number will change.


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