Tribes of Art 2016- "Love thy Self"

The Spell Unfolds

We are always flickering in and out of the Mythica. Shifting between the octaves of our own awareness. Through the many realms of the Self. The trick is to be aware of it. Deeply. And consistently. Such is the nature of the embodiment. The great Remembrance. Where we gain vantage of that which lay outside our previous grasp. Flush in a brighter, deeper octave of our potential experience. To hold onto this, to live inside it, is to be in the various luminances of our Awakening.

As I sit here, flush in the ley that passes through Angels Rest, there is an Opening. A softening, inside. A shifting between the realms. Such things are so subtle. One must be fierce in their awareness, deep in their witnessing, to see it happen. Yet in this eyeblink lay all the Worlds.

Here I encounter a triad of avatars of the Arts, Chris, Megan, and Grace.

I'm telling them about the Mythica. Framing the mythical octave of perception. To honour our shared wielding with image and bright, I illustrate the point.

Things look different, when we drop into the octave of perception that is the Mythica. When we see the Truth, that we are so much more than we appear on the surface.

In which we realize the Truth, that we are mythology, manifest. The living deities of our own forgotten lore, embodying the vibration of our service.

Their shared attention is so beautiful. I drop down another octave, feelnig textures that make up their excellence. Here, on the elemental levels, such things play out as an orchestra of threaded Light.

It is the perfect moment, here in sacred Mimosas. Where the Idea is shown to me, coming through my fingers and light onto the canvas. Where I See the essence of things and how to fit that portraiture into the greater Story. The greater witnessing of the deeper octave of the Worlds

The Mythica is so much more than a publishing network. At her core, she's a living yoga, the devic resonance of sacred Story given expression. Designed to help facilitate the Awakening of humanity and the remembrance of who we really are.

Such reminds me that the Mythica is far more than the dissemination of the yogas of form, she is the vehicle, the grand stage for our view of the Worlds. A reminder that offers freedom to express one's magickal viewpoint on the World. To be the canvas for that expression.

"Witnessing the lines of the Atlas of Story"

Such becomes the inspiration to journal my own mythic perception, to set the tone for Authorship within the Mythica, the witnessing of the deeper Worlds. To me, there is a map, of lines of synchrony, that connects Mimosas, the Temple of the Fire Diamond, Corazon, and all the beautiful characters of the unfoldment. A constellate of intersecting lines and qualities all moving along a topography of mythic unfoldment. Such are the vertices and angles of the Atlas of Story, framing the proto-mythical landscape that is more constant than the surface plane and it's impermanences. It is the realm where Mimosas is not seen on the octave of a 'coffee shoppe', but in the depths, where one observes the avatars that move through her and see her in greater witness, as an 'Angels Rest' for those who Topanga allows into her bosom.

Walking the Rainbow Road

From my vantage, experiencing life on that proto-mythical octave, Mimosas is a sacred spot, pulsing with the ley of the land, a watering hole for adventurers on the Quest, much like Oberon's Tavern in the Shire of Ashland. Magickal places, locations discovered upon the Rainbow Road, which leads between all realms.

To see such things at such vantage is special. It is the viewpoint of the Worlds beneath the World, the confluence of vibrational embodiments that define our movement through the human condition. It is the octave of our mythos, the documentation of our journey deeper into the Mythica.

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