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Pokemon TCG has been one of the top trading card games world wide since it's original introduction into the card world. Over time the cards released have just seem to grow more and more in power with every new collection of packs released.

If your new to the game or a veteran in Pokemon TCG these cards below have proven to be amongst the most powerful and sought after cards in the game! These were argued upon and debated over amongst our team of editors and are listed as our Top 5 in descending order.

#5 Rayquaza C lv. X

Though he lacks in HP keeping him from perfectly well rounded. He has the ability to deliver a 200 attack. Which should easily chop through most your enemies Pokemon.

#4 Armaldo EX

Though this Pokemon can prove difficult to get out at times. His high HP and ability to deliver decently strong hits makes him very well rounded. He also happens to be a rare find amongst the TCG community.

#3 Mega Blastoise EX

His extremely high HP and ability to deliver a massive hit to the enemy active Pokemon whilst delivering very good damage to the enemy bench at the same time makes him an OP card!

#2 Charizard Star

One of the rarest and most expensive cards in the game for collectors. While his HP is not the best for game play. His High Attack will clear most all Pokemon except EX, but the addition of having your opponent discard 3 cards adds to it's usefulness.

#1 Shadow Lugia

Even though this card is a promo edition card and not legal in official play. This card is a rarity amongst collectors. It has the highest HP in the game and the most powerful attack in the game. Making it a God Card for playing with at home with your friends. Plus it looks extremely awesome!

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