Renewables The pros and cons

Renewable energy sources are sources of energy you will not run out of, like wind or sunlight.

Wind turbines

There are many different types of renewable energy, for example:

Solar energy

Hydroelectric dams

Wind energy

Pros of renewable energy:

  • •it won't run out
  • It does not emit greenhouse gases
  • Once running, sources like turbines etc are low cost
  • People can save money by using green energy, versus burning coal etc


  • They are not entirely reliable. If you where using solar panels and it was not a sunny day, they would not generate electricity.
  • Storing electricity is not easy. This means that when you need electricity the most (night time) to turn on lights or use wifi, you won't have any power as there is no sun out to charge your solar panels. Or if there is no wind, you will not be able to use renewable energy. Hydroelectric dams do not have this problem, unfortunately not everyone has access to a suitable river where this form of green energy would be efficient.
  • Things like turbines and solar panels are not very affordable to the average person (prices are becoming more affordable however)

In conclusion, although green energy is far from perfect; it is an ideal alternative to help combat global warming. It is rapidly increasing in popularity, many countries are trying their hand at green energy sources, so perhaps a green future is on the cards for the future?

By Evie

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