Conoco-Phillips: Final Presentation By: Cameron Phillips


  • Founded in 1875 as Continental Oil
  • Based out of Texas, United States
  • World's largest independent exploration and production company
  • Holds third highest share in U.S. petroleum market

Current Financial State:

  • Declining sales (reported net loss in 2015 & 2016)
  • Increasing debt
  • Unable to efficiently satisfy short-term obligations (2% of total assets)
  • Reliant on debt financing


  • Exxon Mobil & Chevron
  • Conoco-Phillips holds industry advantages in asset efficiency
  • Conoco-Phillips at a major disadvantage regarding long-term debt and financing

Opportunities to improve:

  • Sales and Income expected to continue current trend for next few years
  • Potential ways to cut expenses - leasing assets, unnecessary expenditures (production expenses equal only 20% of total liabilities)
  • Maintain sales volume

Moving Forward:

  • Eliminate debt
  • Maintain/increase current assets
  • Weather the storm - market share advantage


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