Graphic Design Principals By Matthew Parker

Shows contrast through the white letters and graphic on the black background. Contrast is the arrangement of opposite elements to create interest.
The Olympic rings shown above are a good example of repetition. Repetition is repeating some aspect of design throughout the entire thing.
The stripes in the Adidas loge demonstrate alignment. It sharpens the design and eliminates the messy effect it would have if they weren't aligned.
The feathers in the NBC logo show proximity. Through proximity it shows how items are related to one another.
This is a good demonstration of line as it directs your eye across the page. Lines are used to separate organize or emphasize somthing on a page.
This album cover is a great example of color. Using color the artist makes the object in the center the focal point and gives you a warm feeling.
This graphic design uses texture on the mountain. Texture is the surface of the art and how it looks/feels.
The led zeppelin cover shows shape with the sun in the back ground as it draws your attention. Two dimensional area confined by lines.
Size is used in this picture as the space ship is seen multiple times but each as a different size. Size is how large or small something is.
Here space is used on this cover. The negative black space leaves your eyes drawn to the circles. Space is the negative unused part of a design.
This cover shows value as the same color is used in different shades. Value is the lightness or darkness of tones or colors.


Created with images by jarmoluk - "winter snow tree"

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