Peer feedback

Overall, the peer feedback showed me a lot in terms of how to develop an idea and make it good. My initial idea was very basic and didn't have too much direction to it. I know I wanted to cater my idea towards a different side of building a game. for example, the user interface design, or the objects, like a mystery box in Super Mario Bros’, or the rings you collect in Sonic The Hedgehog. After bringing this idea forward to my peers, they told me that my idea was good and unique. They decided that pixel art was a good route to take with this project, as I haven't really tried that style before, and I agree that pixel art will be a new addition to my way of designing. The feedback showed that I needed to really develop my idea into something more practical but also to not set my mind on doing more than what I can do in ¾ weeks. From the peer feedback, I have come to a conclusion that I will in the first 4-week project, create a game home screen for a classic style pixel art game, In week 2 of 4, I will develop a narrative and characters for the game as well as a general colour scheme and theme for the game, with the help of research.

Montaro is a 2016 game which you can purchase on steam. It is a pixel art game with a simple yet fun objective. In this game, you have to run as far as you can as the Shiba dog character and try and avoid the obstacles, for example, cats, chickens, and pot holes in the ground. It is set on a typical suburban Japanese street and features things like vending machines, road signs, and school girls, in which you can receive points by jumping below the girls. You have multiple achievements in the game, for example running a certain distance, and jumping a certain distance. You can also retrieve many skins for the dog sprite, all which have an internet/”doge” theme to them. There are also banana obstacles that turn into an advantage if you jump on them at the right time in order to reach the higher level of the scene. The coins also have a D on them which is an obvious choice considering the game is about the meme “doge”.

I will take inspiration from this game and create a game poster/logo for a game I will continue to make in the next 4-week project. I would like to use the style of a running game as I think it will be a fun idea for a small game. I would also like to take the idea of bringing in multiple fun little features such as the banana or the cats. My colour scheme will be neon and playful colours, such as pink and blue, and for the poster I would like to make it in a classic 64bit style, using references from games like Montaro, Undertale, and original 80s game’s like Duck Shooter, and Space Invaders. I aspire to create a logo that looks like it belongs in an arcade machine, as it would be a nice extra to intertwine with the pixel art theme. If I have extra time at the end of the weeks I may also make a gif out of the logo to go into the game.

Project proposal

For my four week project, I have decided to take my new found skills in pixel art and create a parody star wars movie poster. I will take inspiration from the original movie posters and also some of the original concept art by Ralph Mcquarrie.

I will use the original Star wars logo and characters to my piece but add a comedic twist, by changing the name to something like “Star Wars, the reject droid”. I would like to produce the poster in Photoshop by using the pencil tool, adjustment layers, and applying sufficient pixel art techniques I have learned in order to create an appealing, and comedic movie poster parody. I would still like to take influence from games such as montaro or undertale, but cater my piece towards a more humorous vulgar message. I have begun experimenting with more pixel art landscapes such as my moon piece or my city landscape piece and would like to lean towards the more sci-fi aesthetic.

The original Star Wars concept art is, in my opinion, some beautiful pieces of work. They include a lot of detail and the artist has paid very close attention to the little things such as the detail in the death star, or the sand dunes of Tatooine.

I really enjoy the way C3PO is drawn in this concept art, as it show’s him in his early stages and in my opinion, i could use similar aspects in my pixel art piece. Previously I have been practising my skills in pixel’s by focusing my work on landscape designs, as they encourage the use of more detail and intricacy, and as a factor of this I have had to learn to pay great attention to the colours I use in order to create an effective gradient with the use of pixels. This to me show’s the development of C3PO′s character as the way he is drawn in this piece is a huge difference to the C3PO shown in the movies. The way Ralph McQuarrie draw’s his concept art is very unique to him, and I would like to take great inspiration from his work into my own ideas for my parody movie poster.

Pixel art influences are important in this project, as it is important for me to analyse techniques that these artists have previously used, and put them into my own work. 4 of these artist's have done starwars pixel art, each in their own style but using a similar aesthetic to one another, and the singular collage is from a music video called "Move your feet" by Junior Senior that was released in 2003. This music video features some very comedic images of a squirrel acting in rule breaking ways, for example, pushing a lever to blow the world up, or going round with a hammer and hitting people. It also has other silly elements such as a moustache running away from a mans face. The animation is very colourful and happy, which flows with the up beat music produced by the duo. The pixel art has very many simple elements for example, the design of characters are flat colours with not much dimension, the colour of the squirrel is plain brown with a little black square for an eye.The music video also has some pretty complex elements to it, for example the world illustration, even with the countries though, the drawing is still very simple and fun, and for my work i intend to use some detail that is a little more complicated and adds a lot more definition and gradient to the piece. I would however like to take inspiration from this animation because it uses the general fundamentals in creating objects in a pixel based format, for example using the correct specific way to draw a circle in order for it to not look as square as it could turn out.

The design process was long and tedious, but it turned out successful in the end. I tried a new technique i found using a youtube tutorial and using some software called paint tool sai, i drew out the outline of each characters body part, before adding the shading. I firstly took an over view shade for the whole body part, before going in the smaller details with different shades of the same basic colour in order to create effective shading to replicate what you would do using a pencil and paper, only using squares and different shades. I created the star wars logo by using a reference of the original logo, an making the colour originally to a darker blue but then changing it to a lighter blue to fit with the darker background.

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