Here at Sir Adam Beck the highest grade is grade 5 so the grade fives get to sign up for the jobs so they can prepare for grade six and because the teachers don't have time to get every job done.

Jobs At Sir Adam Beck

  1. Bring walkies talkies to the teachers
  2. Doing the attendance
  3. Doing the mornig anuncements
  4. Selling milk and cookies
  5. Selling frozen yougurt
  6. Peacemakers
  7. Rainy day and chilly day monitors
  8. RAWC'ers reassess

RAWC'ers stands for Running And Walking Club.

This is an interview with two grade fives who do the jobs.

When you are in grade 4 at the end of the year you get sign up for the jobs you want to do the next year in grade five.

Thanks for reading!

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