Could your social media profile sabotage your job search?

Social media is flourishing with opportunities. For some professionals, it could mean networking that will progress career opportunities further. For others, it could be the reason of rejection of a recent job application. Don't be a part of the latter group!

94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to examine candidates and may be put off by inactive or unprofessional profiles. A recent survey from reed.co.uk found that 43% of recruiters check digital/social media profiles often, which includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Other surveys show the vast majority, upwards of 80%, look at least once at a candidate's online presence. The BBC, says: "Recruiters may review the digital profiles of candidates they're interviewing or looking to hire, as it's a quick and easy way to learn more about the individual."

The figure to be wary of...

69% of recruiters have rejected a candidate because of what they’ve seen on their social media. Remember: your social media accounts are an extension of who you are!

How do your social media profiles look? You might want to check….

Check Your Privacy!

For those starting their careers, what they have done online is more apparent when there's little in the way of career experience to guide a new employer, giving new entrants to the job market another major issue to deal with. Have a quick check of your privacy settings to ensure that any private material is available to view by friends or connections only.

Posting Inappropriate Content

Always be aware of who can see your posts/photos on social media profiles and do your best to ensure the content is harmless and recruiter-friendly. The last thing you want is to be rejected from your dream role because the recruiter/ employer has come across your social media profile, see it’s overrun with drunk photos or sharing/posting abusive/inappropriate content and therefore ultimately decide that you must not be the right fit, or aren’t professional enough for their role.


If you’re thinking to yourself you are off the hook because you don’t have a social media profile – think again! Recruiters aren’t analysing your online profiles to purely find negative traits. If you do not have a social media profile or your profile is inactive, it may mean that you are less likely to be approached by companies/recruiters. On LinkedIn - adding a photo makes you 36 times more likely to receive a message and 21 times more likely to receive a profile view.

If any of the above points sound similar to your social media profile you may want to carry out a cleansing session before applying to any roles!

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