Smog By: Kt & KelSey

Pollution and ozone combined creates smog

It comes from heavy motor vehicle, high temperatures, sunshine, and calm winds

When the temperatures does the opposite the warm air stays near the ground instead of rising also the winds are calm

Smog could stay in your city for days

As traffic and other origins add more pollutants to the air the smog gets worse

Smog exist in major cities like California, SAN Francisco, San Diego, China, etc.

It can injure your health, harm the environment and could cause property damage

About 90 million Americans live in areas with ozone levels about the ingrain standards for health safety

Smog can cause health problems like difficulty in breathing, asthma, you can get lung cancer infections and cold more easily, and eye irratation

You can see the haze of the smog

It can Produce acid rain, it will destroy the infer structure and the environment on a PH scale the average would be 5

The Smog-In-Ator collects smog. It collects water, pollution, carbon, and nitrogen. Water will be collected and separated from everything. It will be put back into the air.

Carbon will go through one of the filters. It will stay in the Smog-In-Ator until emptyed. We will put it back in polymers,fibers,paints,solvents,platcic,graphite,also the carbon is in lead in pencils, and steel.

The nitrogen will also be collected in the one of the filters. It will stay in there until full. We will give the nitrogen to fertilizers company's.


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