Mars The new earth

Mars is as planet that people such as astrophysicist find interesting. Mars is a planet that is farther from the sun than Earth, mars is also cold, Mars is in many ways different than Earth.Mars is dry and not so dangerous thing happen such as in other planets there are ice storms no , in this planet there are dust storms that we can control or that we can protect ourselves from. Mars is a planet that we could change to be like our Earth we could make it produce the greenhouse effect and with that we could make the air a little bit more thicker so that we could breathe it since right now mars is not habitable for human since the air is too thin for us to breath.

Our mission to Mars is where we will make Mars another Earth since we are running out of space in Earth and the global warming is affecting in someways our decision. In Mars we will plant, we will make Mars habitable for humans to live in. We have already started sending equipment that will be or could be necessary in this mission. We have sent medicine, food, fuel,water, microscopes,suits and a capsule which contains what ill be necessary to travel around the planet. This visit to Mars will be the 4th one made. We are sending 4 members on this mission. We will launch in Dallas, Texas. We have chosen this location since the weather here is mostly calm not to hot or cold and its rainy or snowy. We will launch in the begging of summer and we will launch in year 2025. It will take approximately and a half years to 2 years to get to Mars.

Their will be 4 crew members the member in charge the mission is Tanya Lopez she has a masters degree in engineering and a degree in math and sciences. Tanya Chavez is 5,2 and she is works well.The second is mark walls measuring 6,1 and the third crew member is Viscklouviok Mutodoclaish and the fourth member is a lizard with the name of Dazzy she measures approximately 11 inches. We decided to take a reptile in the trip to Mars to see how the life f a reptile would be there how a lizard would react to the plant grown in the planet of Mars.

Dazzy in her natural habitat.

The qualities the crew members need are to have a good vision to be able to see objects far away.And also a Physical requirement would be to keep your blood pressure normal not thorough not low and also to be tall not really tall but not really short approximately from 5,1 to 6,1. The educational requirements are to have a degree in engineering and biological sciences and physical sciences and one that would also be really helpful is mathematics. Some of the skills you need is to be quick. You need to work well under pressure and you also need to react well to situations that require to be quick such as if a debris from space want to hit you while you are traveling you can manage the ship to a safe place. The training our crew is taking is walk in their suit to walk not much comfortably but that they can actually move without and problems. They also need to practice using less oxygen when they breathe and also they need to learn how to plant all the resources all the plants that we will need in order to live in mars in a future.

Training of flying with the suit in process

The way our crew will live in for 2 years in the space ship is by eating less eating the adequate amount. They will sleep in a bed that will float a little bit if its not well tied down in the space ship. They will experiment somethings on board of the ship so when they reach Mars somethings will be easier and quicker.When the crew reaches Mars they will plant and they will create a sort of giant capsule were they could have a house of plants and at the side of that capsule they will create where they will sleep in to see if they can actually sleep and how the sleeping would be same and how it would be different. The two capsules will be connected so it would be a walk-in capsule so you do not have to go outside your capsule. This is to see if the plants are actual working in creating the greenhouse effects and to see if the oxygen the crew is producing its much breathable to see if you could live breathing that air that is produced. If there are any dangers in Mars such as if the temperature is too hot or their is a really big dust storm the crew can go into the space ship and they can stay there since the ship is equipped with what a person needs to live safe the ship has the required oxygen,beds,food and the bathroom. Additional things for sustaining life in Mars would be to create enough oxygen to breath and to see if you can grow plants that grow food. Also they are going to see how the gravity from Mars affects a new suit and see the difference from the actual to the new suit.

Experiments the crew will also test when they reach mars is try too make water by melting ice and by that creating the greenhouse effect and so they could create the same cycle that earth has the cycle of water, evaporation,sun,rain,evaporate. That is the cycle that we want to create to create much oxygen and to create water. We also need to plant more to create that effect (greenhouse effect).

Example of what we are trying to do


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