Feudal Japan

Cultural Diffusion

Cultural diffusion is the spread of cultural beliefs and social activities from one group to another. Even though Japan is isolated religions still spread throughout Japan. An example of cultural diffusion is, Immigrants came from all around Asia and introduced Japan to Confusionism and Buddhism. Another example of cultural diffusion says that Korean workers who settled in Japan brought their knowledge and skills with them to Japan. Cultural diffusion helps keep structure because it can keep communication with other countries and can eventually the countries can become allies. Without the idea of cultural diffusion, there would be no communication relationships between countries and there would be a decrease in population because of how cultural diffusion has impacted Japan.

Immigrants from other countries introduced Japan to the culture, Buddhism

Samurai Code

The samurai code (also known as Bushido) was a code of conduct that a true warrior must be fearless, honest, and fair. Samurais were loyal and relentless. So the samurais were expected to value their loyalty and personal honor more than their own lives. The samurais were so loyal to their country that they would end their lives in their own hands instead of surrendering to the opposing army. This kept structure in society because samurai's were loyal to their country. This would've changed society forever the samurai code wasn't created because the samurais can backstab countries and can start chaos and also if bushido wasn't a thing, the warriors would've been feared of attacks from other countries which can cause many devastating deaths because of how they didn't defend their country.

This samurai defends his country from invaders

Heian Period

The Heian period is a time that took place between the late 8th and late 12th centuries. This is the period of time when the Fujiwara family ruled by marrying their daughters into the royal family. This is also the time when the nine rankings were made. This keeps structure in society by their rankings. Each rank would determine how hard you're punishment would be if you ever got in trouble and what tools you can use, like how many folds on a fan you're rank could have. Without this idea, the Japanese world would be total chaos with everyone out of place because samurais can overrule the emperors also the and can be taken over by enemies.

One of the buildings in the Heian period


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