Rockin' Out by Katie holt

Many have big dreams to make it to LA and gain fame from their music. Sophomore Lila Satterfield has the possibility of making that dream come true. Satterfield’s band, Soundproof, has the potential to gain national recognition through the band competition- Celebration of Music.

Soundproof at one of their performances.

While Satterfield is the only member from KCHS, her band consists of four other members, including lead vocalist and acoustic CJ Lucas from Karns High School, rhythm guitarist Simon Fillers from West High, and drummer Caden Allit and bassist Nicholas Gates from Hardin Valley Academy.

“It was kind of cool how we all found each other and were able to build this,” Satterfield said, smiling in recollection. “Simon, Caden, and I all went to School of Rock Knoxville and found each other that way, and Caden found Nikk through his school’s marching band. Somehow CJ, our singer, found us. When she became part of our band, we were complete.”

Once the band members fell into place, so did the band name.

Members of Soundproof with sophomore Lila Satterfield in the middle.

“We had been struggling to find a band name for a while, but one day it came to us, when we were rehearsing at Caden’s house,” Satterfield explained. “His walls are soundproof, but one of the [pieces of] paneling on the walls was crooked and was beginning to fall. When our singer CJ pointed it out, the idea of naming our band Soundproof stuck.”

As Soundproof found their name, they started to make more music and brand their band. Although they identify themselves as an indie-rock band, they don’t want to confine themselves to a single genre.

“We play an abundance of different types of music. It’s hard to classify us. It’s honestly a little strange because we all don’t seem to like the same music. For example, I like progressive, psychedelic rock and CJ likes indie-alterative,” Satterfield noted. “But these different perspectives and tastes in music really come in handy when we’re creating our own music. Because of this, we’re able to write intriguing notes for our individual parts, which leads to unique and gripping music.”

Not only does the band find inspiration in one another, but from their favorite artists, too.

“We get inspiration from so many diverse bands. From the Beatles to Weezer to Led Zeppelin. We like to perform covers from these bands, too, so it’s really to draw inspiration from them.”

Although the band likes to perform covers, they also like to write their own music. Soundproof hopes to release their EP in addition to their single “Hold my Hand” which is available on Spotify.

Besides Soundproof’s hints of success on Spotify and their upcoming EP release, the band is going to participate in a nationwide band contest. The competition, Celebration of Music, is a talent search that hopes to find young artists in order to showcase and celebrate their talent. The winners of this competition will have the opportunity to perform their music live on national television.

“We sent in a video audition of us performing and we made it to the next round,” Satterfield laughed, seemingly still in disbelief. “We’re one of twenty-five acts in our region, but one of hundreds nationwide. Since we’ve advanced, we will be flying out to Los Angeles soon. From there, we perform live while they record us. Then, the producers of the competition will judge us from there. If we advance again, we’ll get to play live on national TV and get some recognition for the band.”

Even though this competition could bring fame and success for their band, that’s not Soundproof’s end goal.

“Of course, we’d love to gain some recognition and get as far as we can musically, but that’s not why we’re doing this. What we really want is to continue to do what we love: play music and have fun doing it,” Satterfield said, shrugging.

Satterfield’s band is not the only one at Knoxville Catholic, though. The senior girl band Scarlett Rane is a fan favorite at Coffee Fest. The band is comprised of seniors Sophie Susano, Alex Dally, Carly Slough, and Abby Orillion. Susano is the guitarist and singer, Dally is the drummer, Slough is the violinist, and Orillion is the pianist and singer.

“We came up with our name Scarlett Rane after months of searching,” Susano said, groaning at the memory. “We wanted something unique, and something that included the word ‘Scarlett’ because we all love that color. We eventually stumbled across the Scottish word, ‘Rane.’ It means an extended sound, essentially. It was kind of funny how it fell into our life because we thought it really related to how it took an extended period of time to find a name for our sound. It also fit perfectly with Scarlett.”

Like Soundproof, Scarlett Rane writes their own music, in addition to covers, and struggle to confine to a single genre.

“I write all of our songs, pretty much,” Susano said. “Our music isn’t exclusively alternative or pop music, rather it’s something in between those two.”

Scarlett Rane likes to perform at Coffee Fest at Knoxville Catholic. The band doesn’t aspire to be anything else than what it is: talented friends, who love music, having fun together.

Senior Abby Orillion said, “We formed this band to have fun. It’s nice to be part of something with people with other people who are so passionate about the same thing as you.”

The band decided to not auditon for the Celebration of Music competition. In addition to conflicting schedules, the competition wasn’t what they weren’t looking for in a band.

“We aren’t really in pursuit of recognition besides at Coffee Fest,” Susano laughed, “We might expand to play a few smaller gigs in Knoxville, if we can, but Coffee Fest is our favorite place to play. All of Scarlett Rane wishes the best of luck to Soundproof!”

You can listen to Soundproof’s single, “Hold my Hand” on Spotify, and see Scarlett Rane perform at Coffee Fest.