Let It Snow By: Jordyn Johnson pd 6

My Favorite Book Right Now!!! "Let It Snow."

John Green: You may recognize him from Crash Course because he helps you out with most of your WHAP Exams but he is much more than that he is also an author of my favorite romance novel currently "Let It Snow."

John Green was born August 24 1977 and is now thirty-three in two thousand and seventeen. John's most iconic book is the one and only "The Fault In Our Stars, " and "Paper Towns" which were first New York Times best-sellers but then they both turned into very successful movies. At the time I didn't even know John Green wrote these two books!

Interesting Facts About John Green: His books have been published in more than 12 different languages. John Green also is a you-tuber that helps people in WHAP, to not actually die. With his comedic jokes about history in his channel called Crash Course.

What is John Green writing about in "Let It Snow?"

"Let It Snow," is a romance novel composed of three stories that all connect to each other in some ways. Johns Greens story is in the middle of the book and it is called "A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle;" I know it already sounds like a John Green typical story. In this story their are three main characters, The Duke (real name Angie), Tobin, JP, and Keun. While The Duke, Tobin, and JP watch James Bond movies snowed in on Christmas they get a frantic call from their friend Keun who works at the Waffle House. Keun then tells Tobin and JP that their are a bunch of cheerleaders at the Waffle house he works at that are snowed in, inside the Waffle house because their train broke down. This wasn't the problem though in the book; the problem was Keun told Tobin and JP that the cheerleaders wanted to play Twister and what guy is going to turn down the offer down of watching cheerleaders play Twister. So, Tobin and JP started their adventure with The Duke coming along to the Waffle House facing obstacles like the snow, their car breaking down, The Reston twins, and tough romantic situations between The Duke and Tobin along the way.

Interesting Literary Facts:

The romance stories connects to each other because in the story before John Greens story "The Jubilee Express," written by Maureen Johnson has characters from "A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle," in her story. Characters like Keun and the cheerleaders that Jubilee in " The Jubilee Express," rode with in the train that broke down.

Starbucks in "Let It Snow," is featured in all three of the stories!!!

Quote: "...I had never before had a first kiss with a girl I loved," (pg. 208).

The author of this book (John Green) is trying to say that the character Tobin has kissed many girls without feeling anything, but kissing The Duke was the first kiss with a girl that he loved. This quote relates to the literary work because John Green usually writes romance novels. He would usually use romantic lines like "Okay? Okay," from "The Fault In Ours Stars." John Green signature in his many books is having a romantic sentence that becomes iconic and with this sentence it helps the reader cope with the major conflicts in the books that the reader reads. In "A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle," the main problems in the story is that The Duke cares about her appearance of being a girl because Tobin (her crush) and JP see her as being a tomboy and that she has no cares about her femininity. This angers The Duke because she likes Tobin but all he wants to see is the Cheerleaders play twister.

What the Quote means to Me and how does it apply to my life?

The quote above applies to my life because every person wants to be loved by someone and the way the quote is worded is so astounding because, the fact that Tobin has kissed so many girls but feels compelling emotions towards The Duke is amazing and it was his, "first kiss with a girl I loved."

Thematic Statement: Love can overcome all conflicts and problems within life.

How does the picture connect to the quote?

This picture connects to the quote because the setting in "A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle" was a snowy day and the lantern in the picture represents the warmth of love and also how love guides you in the darkness.

How does the picture connect to the literary work?

The pictures compare to the literary work because it's a metaphor of love and in most of John Greens book he uses romantic metaphors.

What does this mean to you?

The picture makes me feel warm because of the lantern covered in the snow. It also makes me imagine the smell of pine needles and peppermint. The picture just reminds me of Christmas. That's why I love "Let It Snow" so much because it reminds me of my favorite holiday CHRISTMAS!!!


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