How to Write an Essay by ms. k

A successful essay is made up of three parts:



An introduction can be broken down into three different parts:

Grabber: Getting your readers interested in what you have to say.

Background: The "why?". Tell your readers why they should be interested too!

Thesis Statement: This is your explanation of the essay. This tells your readers your claims and structure of what the essay will be like.



Each paragraph can also be broken down into three different parts:

Claim: AKA Your topic sentence. This will tell your readers what this paragraph will be about (your argument).

Evidence: You'll need to gather evidence to back up, or "prove", your claim.

Analysis: This is where you tell your reader "why". Why does this evidence prove your claim? Why does this support your thesis statement?



After you've written your introduction and body, you need to wrap up your essay with a conclusion.

Your conclusion should include:

- Restating your thesis

- Summarizing your main points (what your paragraphs were about)



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