Installing An Analytics Application using Data Connectors

About Data Connectors

Data Connectors is a tool for installing 3rd party applications with Adobe Analytics. Many Adobe Exchange applications are installed through Data Connectors while others are not. Follow these instructions for Adobe Exchange applications installed using Data Connectors.

Prerequisites for configuring an integration

Before configuring a Data Connectors integration for your product, do the following:

  • Have the necessary access credentials for the partner product account, with rights to access all data you want to integrate with marketing reports. You might want to create a special e-mail account for report distributors and for notification concerning the integrated operations.
  • Identify the custom variables that hold your campaign information. This is commonly referred to as the campaign tracking code, but your organization might use some other terminology.
  • Determine the events that you want to receive impressions and click data. You might want to rename the events accordingly.
  • Place the appropriate code on your landing page so that Analytics can do appropriate modeling with the data that comes from the partner product. Specific instructions for each partner product are found in the in the Data Connectors Showcase on the Resources tab.

To fully activate an Adobe Analytics integration using Data Connectors, your account will need administrative privileges to the intended Report Suite.

Step 1: Sign in to the Experience Cloud

Sign in using your Adobe ID.

Sign in to the Experience Cloud using your Adobe ID

Navigate to Data Connectors by selecting Admin > Data Connectors

Select Data Connectors from the Admin menu

Step 2: Select "Add New" Connector

Click the "Add New" button to install a new application

Step 3: Activate the Application

Locate the application you wish to deploy from the list of available applications. Click the "Activate" button.

Click "Activate" for the application you wish to install

Step 4: Follow the Setup wizard instructions

Each application has a customized wizard to lead you through the setup process. Complete each of the steps.

Activation wizard guides you through setup

Product Help Documentation


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