Northern Renaissance By Connor MacKinnon

The Northern Renaissance

  • The Renaissance sparked a large period of growth in many cities and a large focus on the arts
  • Merchants became very wealthy from lots of long distance trade, then these merchants would sponsor some artists which allowed more people to become artists and slowly focused society around many architectures, artists, and inventors.
  • There was a huge flow of new ideas and inventions that changed society, for example invention of the printing press influenced the spread of information.


  • Durer was a famous german artist that made woodcuts and engravings
  • Durer also had a very strong passion for drawing animals.
Young Hare by Albrecht Durer


  • Hans Holbein was one of the most famous portrait painters during the 1500's
  • Holbein worked for many famous people such as King Henry VII and Anne Boleyn

Van Eyck

  • Van Eyck was a netherlandish painter became very skilled with oil painting
  • Eyck specialized in painting many religious based paintings and portraits.
The Ghent Altarpiece by Van Eyck


  • Bruegel was a famous dutch painter that was known for painting landscapes and peasants
  • Unlike many other painter in his time he had no interest in any religious works and stuck to representations of daily life
A peasant's wedding


  • Erasmus was a famous writer and christian humanist
  • Erasmus wrote books in a satire fashion that made fun of greedy merchants, lovers, scholars and priests


  • Thomas More was a writer the invented the idea of utopia and spawned many new ideas
  • More wrote his works in latin and from the large popularity many translated his writings to several different languages

Christine de Pizan

  • Christine de Pizan was a highly educated women, which was very unheard of for the time
  • With her education she became one of the first female writers to make a living
  • She was also one of the first Europeans to question the unfair varied treatment between genders

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