How Trump's Language Incites Violence and Emotions

Trump has a history of making sexist and racist comments, long before and during his race for president. He speaks with such confidence that people believe everything he says, and this creates a mob mentality.

Mob mentality describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors.

When people are in a crowd, they begin to lose their individuality and follow along with the people around them. They don't behave like they normally would if they were alone because it seems more acceptable. Being in a crowd creates a sense of excitement that allows people to act differently.

The chance of violence occurring increases when there is a crowd. When people are part of a mob, they believe that their violent actions cannot be traced back to them so they won't be held responsible for it. This causes the members of the crowd to become less individual, and more collective.

How this connects to Trump and his supporters...
"People are being told that what they value as Americans is under threat from all these forces, that for America to be great, these people have to be excluded"- Stephen David Reicher

As Trump makes violent comments, he encourages certain acts. He is able to influence crowds so easily because of his position of power. When he riles up the crowd, that energy allows Trump to continue because he is feeding off of it.

Crowds cause emotions to be heightened and intelligence to be reduced. Due to Trump often making violent or crude statements during his rallies, and saying them confidently, the individuals in the crowd become collective. The leader is violent, and the followers attempt to mimic him and the people nearby.

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