Broward Vision: The Path to 2100 What Will Broward Look Like in the Future?

How Did We Get Here? 1972 Urban Design Study
In 1972, the Broward County Area Planning Board took at look at what Broward County would look like in the future. The 1972 Urban Design Study shows what would later become the Broward we know today.

Broward's Population has tripled in the last 50 years.

Population in 1970: 620,000

Population in 2020: 1.9+ Million

A Paradigm Shift
We need a new and different approach—a paradigm shift in our approach to how we move people and goods, create jobs, and strengthen communities.
This image illustrates the vision for the Broward region’s population and employment growth. Growth is focused within major activity centers, along corridors targeted for transit investments, and within communities that are preparing for and seeking high-density growth and development.

How do we plan for Broward's population & employment growth?

Let's peel back the layers.

As a community, we must do a better job of coordinating transportation and land use throughout the Broward region.

All future decisions should include:

  • Community Land Use and Growth Objectives
  • Corridor and Activity Center Investments
  • Multimodal Transportation Investment
  • Community Land Use and Growth Objectives

Future Land Use

Community Land Use and Growth Objectives: Support land use, growth, and multimodal transportation investment objectives of our communities.

Higher-Density Land Uses

Corridor and Activity Center Investments: Reinforce multimodal transportation and corresponding infrastructure investments along corridors and within activity centers targeted for dense population and employment growth.

Targeted Growth & Development

Collaboration with Partners: Work collaboratively with FDOT, Broward County, the 31 municipalities, and other MPO agency partners to target multimodal transportation investments consistent with the above.

Vision 2100 Transit Plan

Multimodal Transportation Investment: Leverage and support multimodal transportation investments in communities that plan and prepare for growth and high-density development.

There is a solution, but it isn’t wider roads —it’s a different system.

Call to Action

To advance our transportation investment and policy priorities, the MPO adopted a Call to Action as part of Broward Vision: The Path to 2100.

The Call to Action is organized into three key areas— Policy, Funding, and Commitment.


  • Support Community Growth
  • Support Smart Growth and Complete Streets
  • Align Transportation Investments
  • Support Resiliency
  • Advance New and Emerging Technologies
  • Support Regional Policies


  • Align Funding Policy
  • Complement Existing Investments
  • Target Transportation Investment
  • Focus on Corridor-Based Investment


  • Work Collaboratively
  • Secure MPO Commitment and Champions
  • Secure MPO Partner Commitment
  • Encourage Communication and Education
  • Inspire Business & Community Leadership
  • Establish a Vision 2100 Blue Ribbon Committee

Call to Action

Please join us in accepting the Call to Action outlined in the Broward Vision and working collaboratively with the MPO and its partners to make the Broward Vision become a reality.

For complaints, questions or concerns about civil rights or nondiscrimination; or for special requests under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact: Erica Lychak, Communications Manager/Title VI coordinator at (954) 876-0058 or lychake@browardmpo.org