Fahrenheit 451 Questions 24-28

What is the meaning of the title of part 2?

It’s Montag’s memories of being a child, being by the sea in the middle of the hot sun. Or if he reads the bible fastly, the words in it could stay in his mind Pg. 74

What is the importance of the dentifrice commercial?

It’s showing that Montag’s becoming upset at the world we lives in, by him telling it to shut up, and to tell that people are hypnotized by adds. Pg. 75

Why does Montag go to see Faber?

Montag went to him in the hope he could help him to see/to understand books and what the bible means. Pg. 77

What does Faber tell Montag about books?

That they smell like stuff from a foreign land and like nutmeg. That what Montag needs is some of the stuff that were in books long ago, and that he could find the same things in other places like in old movies or in nature. Why books are important. Pg. 78-79

What are the three things that Faber says are missing from society?

#1 Society is missing details and texture/quality of information. #2 He says leisure is missing/leisure to digest it. #3 The right to learn from the reactions of the first two. Pg. 79-81

Describe the parlor women, their views, and their conversational concerns.

They keep talking about the same thing over and over again not moving on, their husbands going to short war and how they’ll be just fine and only other people’s family don’t come back. When talking about the candidates for an election they only talked about the looks, not what they stood for. Pg. 90-91

Why does Montag read “Dover Beach” aloud to the ladies?

To scare them, and to see how they would react to the poem.Pg. 95

How do the women react?

Mrs. Phelps burst out crying and she didn’t know why, she just kept sobbing. She was sad that other people wanted to see others be hurt. Pg. 97


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