Go Kart Kevin Booth

Problem Statement

We need to design, build, and test a drill powered go kart that is capable of competing on three courses, one testing acceleration and top speed, one testing handling and control, and one testing endurance and efficiency. We can make our Go Kart using 1 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, Miscellaneous hardware, Wood glue, any parts ordered from Lowes that the group can order with a $25 budget, and any Chains, Gears, and/or Wheels that we bring in. We can use Onshape, the Laser cutter, the 3D printers, the ShopBot, Table Saw, Miter Saw, Band Saw, Drill Press, Combination Sander, and Hand Tools to create our Go Kart. We will work on this project until June.


This is a picture of a drill powered go kart that we used to help create the frame of our design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk5KfLwXGnk
This is a picture of the drill that moves a drill powered go kart that we're using to help create the design of how we're going to connect the drill to the wheels of our go kart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBSdB2mgcY0


This is a picture of our initial rough sketch of what we thought our go kart should look like.
This is a picture of a later sketch we made where we've changed the design a bit and cleaned up the picture from our last sketch. This the sketch we're planning on basing our go kart off of.
Here is a picture of our first detailed sketch including the measurements for the entire Go Kart for us to base our Onshape parts off of.
Here is a picture of detailed designs for each part of our go kart
Here is a picture of the front axis for our go kart that I designed in onshape for us to cut out using the shop bot
This is a picture of our go kart completely designed and assembled in onshape, ready for us to start cutting out and assembling.


Here is a picture of our part, which we cut out using shopbot being chiseled out of the wood.
Here is a picture of our frame while we're working on connecting the axis to the frame
Here is a picture of our go kart's improved base which is now twice as thick by attach two identical copies of our base together and with supports added to it.

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