"Inequality Hits the World Like a Bomb" By Keely Tubbs Communications 7th

April 18th, 2017

Inequality is a problem in our world today! I believe this is true. My class of 11 kids did a survey and they all agreed with me. Yes that isn't the whole world, but still many people agree with me. Here are the reasons why I think this is true.

This is the pie chart, and as you can see my everyone agreed with me.

We all have the potential to do the same things. Many people aren't allowed to do things because of who they are that isn't right or fair in any way. Cornell University did a study they compared the white woman and the white woman who started gaining extra weight and the one who was gaining weight got her wages dropped by 9%.

This is a not very skinny lady talking to her boss, who is not very happy.

We all should be able to get payed the same no matter what. Studies show that the average white male is payed more than any other person. according to CNN Money, "The typical white family had accumulated more than $134,200 in wealth in 2013, while black families scraped together a little more than $11,000 and Hispanic families $13,700,”

This is a nice house most likely a white person lives in.

We should all be able to get along. Many white people don't get along with other races or sexualities because they are different. In our world today everyone has to look the same and act the same to be liked by others, and that is ridiculous." Unfortunately, one’s appearance whether good or bad has an effect on their position in the workplace"

This is a fighter

Yes we may act different and even look different but we can still al get together. Just make sure that you accept everyone cause can lead to changing to world and helping us be one.

This is many different people coming together as one.


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