Making a monster -Immy Ovalles Nugent

  • When making a monster you have to consider their looks, actions And personality. As we make our animatronic we have to think about how it will move around and what we can do to benefit the construction of our monster. What is a monster?
  • Monster: Noun, a large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature." For example a monster with the head of a hyena and hindquarters of a wolf"
  • Let's break this down, shall we. A creature so full of hate and anger that their goal is to kill or get revenge on the reason it turned that way. Usually a monster has a sorrowful and miserable backstory that makes them want revenge or do something horrible to try and relive the pain they went through. This usually doesn't help and they continue to develop a bad behaviour and even an addiction to doing their act of revenge but each time making it worse.
  • Our task was to create a digital journal refelecting on our groups monster using, questions, ideas and prototyping. We are working on our animatronic to look like a doll that has been possessed. We had to give a detailed explanation of why we chose what we did for everything.
  • It is important to link a backstory to our monster's physical appearance to show what the story was and how the monster got they way they were. Maybe a tragic accident happened meaning the monster to have bad looks.

Some of my foucus questions I inquired were:

Inquiry questions-
  • These questions are here to guide me where I will go and help me to have a clear understanding about how to make my monster and other things that can contribute in a positive way to help improve it. Below is just an example of what questioning can impact education and why it's important.

Here is ☠️🥀Rosemary🥀☠️

🌹Meet Rose🌹

Meet our monster, her name is Rose, the only thing missing from the picture is the necklace she wears every single second of every single day, it is a small glass jar with a rose petal inside, you may be wondering why she got this way, well. Below was Rose before she had changed.

She was a normal girl until this happened, it changed her life, forever.

She went through a horrible thing, worse than any other pain, death, tourture but the worst thing is that she was only eleven. Not even a proper teenager, everybody that meets her only judges her on her appearance, they don't know the story, the pain she went through. Rose has blistered, burnt looking skin all over, she wears a ripped, vintage and red dress. She is very aggressive to people she hates and even one time when she was hiding, a stranger went up to her and gave her a business card. "Would you like to sign up as an extra in our next blockbuster horror movie, We are casting zombies, you are just what we need!" After a couple of days she went to the males house and stabbed him to death about what he said. All she was trying to do was getting 'your a monster' out of her mind.

"They say that overtime the pain will fade away, well, I guess I'm different". Rosemary
  • Rose was a fine little girl, exactly the definition of the rose, delicate, beautiful and loving. She was a normal girl, she liked reading, swimming and sport, like everyone else. Until her eleventh birthday, that is. When she turned eleven her grandma gave her a special necklace to 'protect her' from evil spirits, everyone thought she was a nutcase, but little did they know the truth, and she would never tell. Her necklace had a small but radiant rose, she was happy, it was hers, it was Rose. One horrible day was a horrible case, her grandma died of a horrible heart attack, Rose wouldn't speak to anyone, eat anything or even leave her room. Her grandma was everything to her, not only her carer but friend, she understood her. Before the death of her grandma she said a few words only to herself 'Promise me you won't loose or break this otherwise etern.....' she took her last forced breath before she could say anything else and that's when Rose started to question everything about her grandmas stories. Her grandma knew about the spirit Mary but didn't tell anyone. Could they have been based on something true? Over a few months she finally left her room to go eat some food for once, but that was when it happened. She fell over and the necklace shattered into tiny fragments of glass, she cried for hours, not about the pain and thick red blood streaming down her arms and staining her dress. But the fact it was broken, that was the only thing she had left of grandma, but now she was full of hate. She thought about how selfish her grandma was, to leave without saying anything, apparently small attacks had occurred earlier but she knew nothing. Day after day, hour after hour, there was always a black trial of 'smoke' as she called it and it would become bigger and bigger each week. Everywhere she goes the fog looms above her head. After a while she sees what it is, finally, a ghost, spirit, monster. She starts to see it clearer each day and she hears mumbles and whispers, she can't hear it but she knows it is trying to talk. Then each night she heard 'Eternal doom' and she sees that spirit above her yet again. She was extremely worried, like any other child and attempts to tell her parents about the thing flying above her head. But her parents thing she is imagining, could she be? Day after day she becomes more gloomy and dark eventually becoming antisocial and on mute 24/7. If she talks it would only be about it and you can see her skin becoming darker and darker, her eyes whiter and whiter. Her parents keep contemplating whether to send her to the Bloodrock asylum and they eventually do. She was put in the kids division and sent to a special cell so she wouldn't make any of the others any worse. She was getting worse and worse and eventually unable to cure so they put her to sleep and injected her with a strange orange liquid, that made her sleep for years but not age, the doctors were hoping the mental state she was in would go away, but little did she know that there had been a horrible accident when she was asleep. It had been at least 16 years but she looked the same so she didn't notice. When she woke up she saw all the walls were rusted and all the floors were cracked, she walked around trying to find anyone to talk to but was unsuccessful. She panicked, worried and she tried to find a way out but it took more than a month as she was contemplating whether to or not, she cared about what others thought of her, she cared about her looks. Rosemary was so full of hate and anger that she wanted to kill, she had a thirst for blood and nothing would get in her way. She was planning to murder her parents and everyone who had ever been mean or horrible to her. Overtime her skin looked burnt and her dress was dirty and torn as there was no other clothes at the asylum besides the robes, and that gave her bad memories, of what they did to her. She felt weird like something was inside of her trying to escape but she knew no such thing was true. She looked in a shattered mirror and saw her skin, she was speechless, she was going to let out a scream but nothing came out. She touched her cheek, it was smooth but burnt looking and it was porcelain, she observed her glass, fragile hands and she looked at her white eyes almost impossible to see her pupil. She was lost for words, this only made her angrier and her once rosey cheeks had turned into a violent red, she was furious, all this by her stupid parents. She looked at the rest of her body, she touched her arms also looking burnt but was as smooth as glass. She saw her hair and her mouth dropped open, there it was, her hair was all teased and scruffy, burnt and short. She thought to herself about how ugly she looked. What could they have possible done to make her look like this? After that she found the way out she wore clothes that would hide her face, skin and hair. As she walked the earth all the thoughts were flooding her brain, why did she look like a messed up childhood toy, a doll? She had never liked them, never. She was observing how fragile her skin was, not the modern plastic doll but a vintage one, That looked like it came from a horror movie. Even worse. That's when she became Rosemary.
"It seems to hurt more everyday, I'm scared it won't stop". Rosemary
Overtime she grew to be more ghastly inside and out, her heart as black as the night sky. She was full of hate and anger all she wanted was for people to die. She lured people in but what she said was a lie. She loved the sounds of the others when they cried. She laughs like a witch haunting your dreams. Be careful because nothing is as it seems. Killing and hunting, it's all in her genes. She usually goes for the ones that are teens.
"Why should I care, nobody else did, but now you'll wish you had". Rosemary
  • The functions we want to include in our monster is to let her move around freely on a wooden chair (by the robot) , a creepy little girls laugh and her arms reaching out toward the victim being haunted or killed by Rosemary. Anyway that's enough about Rosemary and her story let's move on.

In many people's perspectives monsters are scary looking creatures, not in all cases are they 'scary' they can most certainly be friendly but overall they are meant to scare people due to the stereotypes in horror movies. For our story Rosemary is indeed an angry scary monster.

Technical Drawings


Our group has practiced, fixed up, tried , put together and persevered toward a robot and programming it to do what we want.

  • The whole time we had kept playing around with a robot called Eugene, he is part of the dash and dot corporation. We were improving our progress. Each time we recorded it to see improvement and for evidence. Our group incorporated our STEAM skills throughout our prototyping. We want to include key functions like Walking, talking, glowing eyes, singing, freeze etc. I think the most difficult thing will be trying to make her hand reach out to grab something, we will be able to eventually succeed in doing this if we keep practicing.

Case studies

Frankenstein, Dracula

  • Similarities:
  • Both considered monsters
  • Both kill people
  • Both male
  • Both European
  • Differences:
  • Frankenstein was created by scientist in an experiment
  • Dracula is smart
  • Frankenstein doesn't know any better than a child
  • Dracula has companionship , Frankenstein is alone
  • Frankenstein is the only one of his kind
  • There are many vampires according to legend

Daily entries

Entry #1

We made sure that all of our progress was tracked. Today we improved our design but the cosmetic style of our animatronic. We tried to make it scary-looking and we added a few things to it like makeup, hot glue, dirt and we ripped it's dress. It turned out to look like this.

Entry #2

Today my group and I were finally able to see the design come together, we have achieved a chair. Our teacher Mr Wei built this based on our technical drawing. We measured the dimensions for all sides and finished the building today. (29/05/17) The construction took a while as our first two attempts weren't measured correctly. Luckily our third was, we used a stanly knife to cut it to size. A way to reduce the safety hazard was to receive help from our STEAM teacher, as we weren't able to handle the tool easily. In the end we were able to perfectly make some armrests, a base and we were able to fit in our robot at the bottom so it would be easy to move around. As we didn't complete the chair to our personal standards, we sacrificed a lunch time to starts painting it black. Next lesson it will look better as the paint would have dried.

Entry #3 (1/06/17)

Today my group and I finished our painting and finally esembled our chair completely. We were able to paint it completely. We made sure every part of it was painted black. Next lesson we will be able to start engineering the moving arm and secure it onto the chair correctly.

Entry #4 (08/06/17)

Today Zahra was away so it was just Chenoa and I. We included more functions with our dash and dot robot. We made it able to do a full course under the chair. The height of the dahs and dot lifts the chair off of the ground a little bit giving it a floating feature. We changed a friendly green colour the robot was glowing to a much more scarier red, this creates an eerie light looming under the chair. During that lesson we had some problems with the function of the arm being able to move, it wasn't working due to a connection problem. We used a new little bits set and thanks to our teachers help ,Mr Wai, we were able to carry on with our construction. We figured that screwing the motor onto the chair was much mor deficient than simply hiding the device under cotton balls, this was a waste on materials.

Entry #5 (14/08/17)

This afternoon I completely finished my brochure we had to include in our whole project. This was basically a summary of our adobe spark page. I included Questioning, Prototyping, Diary entries, visualising, our animatronic's backstory and photos of put track and progress.

#Entry 6 (15/06/17)

Today we finalised the brochure and added everything we needed to. Our animatronic last details were finished. The hand function we incorporated was finished as we screwed it onto the chair and secured it properly. We added cosmetics such as red food colouring to look like blood, this was our last lesson for any construction and cosmetic designs as we are showcaseing next Monday.

Videos of our tracking and progress

Reflection term 1
  • Throughout our assignment piece we applied our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and mathematics skills. I have learned many things this unit, How we incorporated our desired design thoughts to our actual animatronic and how exactly to program a robot. These are just a few examples that I have acknowledged into my assignment. On the other hand I had already known some strategies that I could apply to our monster. We still have time to improve our design through the next couple of weeks. We still need to complete our animatronic itself throughout next term, the completion of it will require hard teamwork and cooperation to include everyones ideas to create a better animatronic monster overall.
Reflection term 2
  • This term our group has been focusing on the construction phase of our monster. We have successfully been able to complete all of our functions properly aside from our slight plan of the eyes glow. We realised that it was too much to do in the period of time we had. We were able to use out mathematical skills for the technical drawing used for our construction of the chair. Our art skills to find out our design for our animatronic. Our technology skills to be able to program the robot to do what we want off our iPads. Our engineering skills were put to the test with the arm function and how we were going to assemble it. We didn't use many science skills throughout this project, only recognising and utilising energy transfers, inputs an outputs. Thanks to our STEAM skills we were able to successfully complete our animatronic, although there are many improvements to be made. If we were able to change anything significant in our project I would happily change the short amount of time we were given.

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