Father Vaidas Lukosevicius, SJ and Father Vytautas Sadauskas, SJ Honoring #HeroPriests

Fr. Vaidas Lukosevicius, SJ and Fr. Vytautas Sadauskas, SJ (Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis) | Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis Mission and St. Casimir, Vilnius, Lithuania

Submitted by: Grasilda Reinys

Fr. Lukosevicius had just been assigned to the Mission and Fr. Sadauskas was visiting for a few weeks to help with the Lenten retreats. COVID-19 forced the two of them to quarantine. The two of them, with the use of Microsoft Teams, began transmitting daily and Sunday Masses to parishioners not only from the Mission, but also in Lithuania. The site used can be found at: https://www.matulaitismission.com/.

Their ingenuity allowed many to virtually participate. It was a true blessing.

As soon as restrictions were eased, both Jesuit priests helped to prepare the Mission for safe re-opening. Fr. Sadauskas has now returned to Lithuania, but Fr. Lukosevicius continues to serve the people with livestream and virtual Masses.

Everyone was quarantined and very anxious. Allowing for participation in Mass showed the community that we are not alone, and God provides.

They served as an example of the Good Shepherd who does not abandon his flock.