Oahu Hawaii by: morgan schindler

what to do

You can do lots of things in Hawaii. You can go surfing, swim with sharks/dolphins, relax on the beach, and more! You can go on a tour to see different islands the most popular is the circle island. You could go see pearl harbor which is very historical if you love history. There are many shows to watch that range from $60.00-$70.00. You can go to luaus and dance the night away!

where to stay

In hawaii there are lots of fun resorts to stay at. One that i found was the Hilton Hawaiian Village waikiki beach resort. It has free wifi, parking, close to the beach, and an outdoor pool! It has an oveall 4.2 rating, and was the cheapest resort I saw. This resort is $170 a night.


Obviously you will need to fly to ouaha Hawaii. Untied airlines is the bets way to go, especially in September. The flights are $878 with two stops, the stops are Denver and San Francisco. The flight would be a round trip. The flights are often delayed for about 30 minutes but, they are overnight flights so you can sleep and when you wake up you will be in Hawaii!

when to visit

The best time to visit is in September. The temperature is around 85 degrees, and everything is cheaper with not that many people there. September isint a really a big travel time since everyone is starting school. So that is definatley a month to consider. Make it a last vacation before school trip. Also the rainfall in September is very low.

where to rent a car

If you like to sight see you will most likely want a car. You could always take the bus, but that could end up being more expensive especially if you plan to be going many places. The best place that I found to rent a car was, lucky owl car rental. There rating was a 4.9. That was the best rating I had seen. No one gave them 1 star and all of the reviews were really positive. Its about 6 minutes from the airport which is even better.

where to eat

Fresco Italian restaurant is exactly 1 minute away from the Hilton village resort. The rating was a 4.1. It starts to get busy around 3:00 pm, and gets super busy around 7-10:00pm. Tuesdays are the busiest, Thursdays are not busy at all. It is open from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm.


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