#GirlPowerCLT uplifting women in charlotte

We agree with Beyonce. Girls do rule … in numbers. But unfortunately, it's not always the case when it comes to opportunities, education and security. At the last census in 2015*, there were 537,232 women living in Mecklenburg County compared to 496,838 men which means women are the majority at 52 percent. Even though its 2017, there are challenges many women still face. Thankfully, Charlotte has many organizations that work hard to support girls and women in our community and SHARE Charlotte is partnered with many of them.


Each day in March, we talked to one of Charlotte's amazing women. We asked her, "What are you most passionate about in our community?" The answers were all unique, insightful and inspiring.

Keep Her Strong

Girls on the Run Charlotte has a pretty simple mission: to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident. Sounds like a noble goal, right? But how do you even begin to approach and explain these subjective and sometimes abstract concepts to girls ages 8-13?
Since 2008, Circle de Luz has radically empowered young Latinas in Charlotte by supporting their transformation through extensive mentoring, holistic programming and scholarship funds for further education.
People magazine is a guilty pleasure of mine. If we are all being honest with ourselves, who isn't just a little bit curious what is going on with the-couple-formerly-known-as-Brangelina? So I felt right at home when I learned that an organization that I have been part of for ​more than ​three years, Women's Impact Fund​ (WIF)​, was born ​after co-founder Claire Tate read an article ​in a 1998 issue of People ​about women giving away money in Seattle​.

Keep Her Educated

While the Girl Scouts might be known everywhere for their amazing cookie sale that occurs precisely one month after everyone begins the new year by committing to gyms, crossfit and numerous 5Ks. But it’s what they do with the funds raised from the cookie sales, and other fundraising efforts like #GivingTuesdayCLT, that’s so impressive.
Founded in Charlotte, Project Scientist educates, coaches and advocates for girls and women who have a passion, aptitude and talent for STEM. Its core programs include Project Scientist Academy, a six-week summer science intensive for 4-12 year olds held on a university campus and Project Scientist Expeditions, year-round full-day STEM Expeditions for girls when school is closed. Based on existing research of what inspires, motivates, and builds confidence for girls in STEM, Project Scientist programs and endeavors allow them to engage and empower girls.
Privilege has been a much contested issue in the media recently; who has it, why they have it, and whether or not people with privilege are able to acknowledge its presence. One Charlotte teen is taking that delicate phenomenon and using her own privilege to help those with less of it through her nonprofit, Foundation for Girls.

Keep Her Safe

More than 1 in 3 women (35.6%) and more than 1 in 4 men (28.5%) in the U.S. having experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime. In Mecklenburg County there were 9,053 police incident reports filed with a domestic violence relationship in 2015. That’s 9,053 too many. Charlotte is fortunate to have seven nonprofit organizations that work with and support those dealing with domestic violence.
On Tuesday, March 7, Present Age Ministries Executive Director Hannah Arrowood joined SHARE Charlotte's Amy Jacobs on FOX 46's Good Day Charlotte. Present Age Ministries is committed to combating the sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of teen girls by promoting awareness through community programs and empowering survivors through our residential housing program.

Keep Her Healthy

Lydia’s Legacy is a local nonprofit that raises money and awareness for gynecologic cancers in memory of Lydia Greene Ross, a senior healthcare professional and women’s health advocate who passed away after battling uterine cancer. Carin Ross Johnson, the founder, managing director, and daughter of Lydia Greene Ross fulfilled her mother’s wish in 2011 to use her experience and passing as an inspiration to help other women battling these little-known cancers. The money raised goes directly to gynecologic cancer research, much of that to the Levine Cancer Institute, and to support kits the organization distributes to women recently diagnosed with gynecologic cancers.

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